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Document Scanning and Storage for Retail and Wholesale

In the wholesale and retail sector, high volumes of paper documents arrive in the mailroom on a daily basis. Sorting and delivering these documents is time-consuming and builds delay and cost into processing. Handling business information in paper format incurs ongoing storage costs, and costs associated with document misfiling and loss can also be significant.

DCS scan-capture document solutions allow wholesale and retail sector businesses to convert paper documents to electronic format in the mailroom for easier handling, instant retrieval and faster processing.


Examples of Electronically Captured Documents in Retail and Wholesale

  • Customer orders
  •    Purchase orders
  •    VAT receipts
  •    Stock records
  •    Supplier invoices
  •    Goods received notes
  •    Proof of delivery records
  •   Application forms
  •    Reply cards
  •    Multi-part documents
  •    Signed forms and contracts
  •    Employee / personnel records
  •    Customer and business correspondence

Our Solutions for Document Scanning and Storage for Retail and Wholesale

Document scanning allows wholesale and retail sector businesses to start unlocking the cost and efficiency benefits of working electronically. Kofax Capture in your mailroom enables automatic indexing and OCR of documents 

Capturing information arriving in digital formats such as fax, email or voicemail allows instant routing to teams, processes or applications according to your business rules, enabling more straight through processing and faster response times.

Kofax Capture's ability to electronically capturing high document volumes on arrival into allows automated sorting and routing using Kofax KTM's sophisticated classification technology.

Intelligent document recognition allows document sorting by type and automatic routing according to your business rules for faster processing. 

Filestore EDM extracts data such as order and invoice numbers, amounts or customer ID from documents such as forms and invoices.

Combined with easy-to-use validation technology, this allows transactional data to be taken from paper, fax or email documents and delivered straight to back office systems in the required format with no need for manual data entry.

Systems We Integrate With

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Integration - SAP

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