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Un-Complicate Multichannel Communications

Customer Communications Management

A single solution to convert all incoming information to actionable data is essential for retailers especially as they need to take control of the user generated content from social media and respond almost in real time. Centralised information can be acted on quickly, analysed for consumer insights or passed to other back-end systems for triggering other processes.


How Retailers and Wholesalers can Benefit from Customer Communications Software

Replace the hard work and administration involved in running a smooth omnichannel shop front!


Comprehensive Data Conversion


Team Coordination


Smoother Workflows

  • Transferability: Analyse multiple communication points and mediums for accurate consumer insight.
  • Accessibility: Centralise all information so that your customer service representatives can react to cases quickly.
  • Compatibility: Integrate with your back-end systems so that your communications can trigger your other processes. 

Our Customer Communications Software Solutions

Kofax Capture helps assimilate your customer information from various incoming and organisational sources.  Types of communication where data can be captured include: 

  •  Mobile communication
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Paper 
  • Images
  • PDF
  • XML
  • Excel files

There is also a Kofax Mobile Capture variant that allows for the convenient scanning and capture of contracts or other supporting proof from point of sales. 

Filestore EDM keeps your customer communications data ordered after the point of capture. Filestore EDM comes with modules that help control content. Modules included in Filestore:

  • eDiscovery by line item
  • Content classification and content removals, storage, or routing for incomplete forms
  • Metadata catalogues
  • Audit logs to keep your records GDPR and data compliant.

Filestore BPM automates workflows giving you your own dynamic case management system, perfect from gaining insight from the data you collect. Filestore BPM can integrate with your own CRM or ERP system.

In addition to customer communications, retail processes ripe for automation include:

  • Invoice processing
  • Order processing
  • Complaint handling
  • Expense submission; and
  • Document approvals


Systems We Integrate With

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Integration - SAP

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