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Retail and wholesale businesses turn to document solutions to manage information of orders, invoices, delivery notes, receipts, VAT records and personnel records.

Instant access to centrally stored paperwork in electronic format boosts response times in resolving customer and supplier queries, whilst enabling up-to-the-minute information sharing across offices and outlets.


Benefits of Automated Document Solutions for Retail & Wholesale

Reduces Storage Costs
  • Retail and wholesale operations can store documents securely in electronic format.
  • Storage space requirements and rentals are reduced.
  • Instant retrieval of records for regulatory audits or stock checks.
Improves Customer Experience
  • Self-serviced customer portals reduce inbound call volumes.
  • Convenient self-tracking at customer's own pace.
  • Order status, stock levels and documents can be retrieved.
Joins-Up Systems
  • Integrates process documents across branches and departments.
  • Managers gain end-to-end visibility of sales order fulfilment.
  • Managers can monitor P2P processes in real-time.

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