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Retail and WholeSale

Retail and wholesale businesses turn to document solutions to manage information of orders, invoices, delivery notes, receipts, VAT records and personnel records.

Instant access to centrally stored paperwork in electronic format boosts response times in resolving customer and supplier queries, whilst enabling up-to-the-minute information sharing across offices and outlets.


Benefits of Electronic Document Management for Retail and WholeSale


Reduced Storage


Customer Portals


Straight Processing


Join-up Systems


Better Compliance

  • Reduce storage: With DCS document solutions, retail and wholesale operations can store these documents securely in electronic format, which reduces storage space requirements, while enabling instant retrieval during audits.
  • Customer Portals: DCS can provide the technology to quickly enable self-service customer portals, which help reduce inbound call volumes, while allowing customers to track order status, view stock levels and peruse order document information at their convenience. 
  • Processing: Automated document classification technology enables fast, accurate information routing, and automated data extraction reduces manual processing by enabling more automated matching against information such as stock levels, customer credit limits or purchase orders.
  • Systems Integration: By integrating process documents with the systems in different departments and offices, our technology allows managers and teams to gain excellent end-to-end visibility of order fulfilment and purchase-to-pay processes.
  • Compliance: Rule-based alerts and escalation procedures reduce exposure to fines by helping ensure complaints and other time-critical matters are handled within prescribed time frames.

See our Solutions for Retailers and Wholesalers

Retail stores can achieve cost savings, protect data and comply to HMRC regulations by centralising their HR records. Digital employee records management solutions help store HR records centrally so they are easy to retrieve yet secure so they cannot be accessed by someone who is not authorised to do so.
Success of a retail set up depends on how quickly they can onboard customers and respond to their changing needs. DCS provides solutions to capture all incoming information and enables communication with customers on mobile, email or post. Whether its a sales order or a complaint we help get the right information to the right people or systems so you can respond quickly.
DCS offers specialised solutions for retailers to scan, digitise, gather and action forms originating from all channels to provide actionable data and comprehensive management information on a wide variety of processes.
Automating invoice processing can improve your relations with suppliers and even entitle you for early payment discounts. DCS has helped retail firms to reduce their payment cycle by half by processing over 80% of their invoices straight through.

DCS can help wholesale and retail businesses achieve compliance effectively, while reducing the financial burden, by moving from paper to electronic document based systems and processes.

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