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NHS Records Management

Health and emergency services organisations generate and receive high volumes of paper documents including a wide range of records which they must often retain for long periods. With increasing pressure to improve efficiency, organisations can use workflow and capture technology to manage document-based information more effectively, reduce filing and retrieval time and reduce paper storage costs.

DCS supply Kofax document scanning and capture solutions, enabling nhs departments and emergency services organisations to systematically digitise paper documents to improve speed of retrieval, traceability and compliance.

Typical examples of documents include:

  • Patient files 
  • Incident reports
  • Certificates of inspection Health and safety documentation Equipment warranties, vehicle documents
  • Complaint correspondence
  • Employee records, time sheets Log books Forms and invoices, with the option of automated data extraction (including from hand-printed forms)
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Records Management & Scanning Solutions

Best-in-class document imaging and capture technology allows ambulance, police or coastguard services to convert paper documents and forms to a highly versatile digital format.

 Mediums include:

  • Post (paper).
  • Fax, including options for least cost routing and FoIP delivery to email inboxes.
  • Email, including email body content and document attachments.
  • MFD (multi-functional device) scanned documents and faxes.
  • A range of other channels including telephony systems, voicemail and SMS.

Highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) capability can be used to render paper documents fully text-searchable.

DCS can help NHS and emergency services organisations deploy Kofax document scanning and capture solutions to reduce mailroom overheads and achieve faster mail delivery. Some key benefits and capabilities include:

  • Reduce mailroom overheads and process mail fasterCentralising mail receipt to achieve economies of scale.
  • Rapid automated throughput with efficient exception handling.
  • Eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual sorting.

Kofax KTM document classification technology sorts and classifies captured documents by type enabling automated routing and delivery according to pre-defined rules.

Kofax KTM data extraction and validation eliminates error-prone manual data entry and enables delivery of data direct to back office systems.

Our electronic document storage and management software allows NHS services operations to dramatically improve control of document-based information -- including case management.

FileStore EDM enables services to store documents in a highly classified system, combine related documents in unique case files and make documents quickly accessible from different office locations and systems.

FileStore EDM integrates seamlessly with:

  • content and case management systems,
  • records databases
  • and a wide range of applications and communications technologies. 

FileStore EDM document management systems, users can quickly search through thousands of documents using powerful keyword and index-field searches. 

Managers can monitor workloads by document volume in real time, track progress, identify potential bottlenecks and allocate resources accordingly. With workflow automation, services can reduce risk by reducing reliance on manual input, enforce execution of admin tasks to best practice standards and achieve more cost saving and efficiency by improving processing speed and reducing manual administrative effort.

With our outsourced scanning services, emergency services operations gain low-cost access to the latest document scanning equipment and post-scan processing technology. DCS can help digitise entire paper records archives, enabling services to regain valuable office space, while dramatically improving document access.

The NHS can also reduce costs by outsourcing document-intensive administrative processes, such as processing high volumes of application forms or supplier invoices. At our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited service centre, we can receive, digitise and upload high document volumes to secure online storage, enabling rapid daily retrieval by your teams.

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The space savings and convenience afforded by converting paper patient records (and other documentation) to electronic files are bringing huge benefits and increasing efficiency to everyday working practice in healthcare.

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A digital mailroom is a set of operational services that exploit the latest document capture and IT technologies to meet the operational needs of companies whose business depends on processing paper and electronic information.

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DCS were approached to consult with the Joint Reprographics Service (JRS) and to develop a framework strategy for document capture which would then be rolled out and developed across all seven councils and their associated offices.

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Very few organisational activities match forms processing in the amount of wasted hours spent in processing vast amounts of paper. It doesn't have to be this way!

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