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Protecting your Document Processes

DCS and The National Health Service (NHS)

Paper documents stored in filing cabinets can take time to retrieve. Combined with the risks of misfiling, damage or loss, managing high volumes of paper records can quickly become costly and inefficient.

Document management software from Data Capture Solutions (DCS) enables the NHS and UK emergency services teams to store documents securely and efficiently in a searchable, digitised format. This dramatically accelerates filing and retrieval, improving responsiveness and reducing the administrative burden.


Benefits of Document Management Software for the NHS


Reduce Document Storage Space


Improve Collaboration


Upgrade your Security


Automate Paperflows

  • Electronic case files allow services to keep all documents for an applicant or incident together in one place for ease of review and better compliance.
  • FileStore EDM document management software is built on web-based technology. Storing documents electronically in FileStore means emergency services can provide rapid authorised access to other branches and external partners. Remote partners can access and view documents from any web-enabled terminal equipped with standard browser software, resulting in easier collaboration and faster decision-making.
  • Electronic Document Management Software provides a high level of user access control, and all access is audited. Managers can also compartmentalise information, so that staff only gain access to documents commensurate with their user status.
  • Improved process visibility helps monitor workloads and better allocate resources. Managers are then able to monitor the volume of documents in the system and track progress in real time through processing and approvals stages.

NHS Solutions

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Fire and rescue, police, ambulance and coastguard services in the UK are subject to regulation in all areas of their activity. Managing compliance effectively can add significantly to operational costs and place high demands on both resources and storage space.

Patient Records Management

DCS offers the NHS and emergency services a range of electronic document management and workflow automation solutions. Our solutions comprise consultancy and advice, outsourced document processing services and a robust document management technology platform.

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