Healthcare and NHS Back Scanning

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Eliminating paper from processes and reducing paper storage requirements can help NHS departments save costs. Converting finance documents, patient medical records, surveys, contracts, admission forms and other documents to electronic format reduces the need for costly paper storage and improves efficiency of case management and process workflows.


Benefits of an NHS Electronic Records Back Scanning Solution


Save on Storage

  • Thousands of pounds saved in on-premise paper storage.
  • Scans to new space-saving file types.
  • Customised and automated document retention schedules.

Gain Trust and Flexibility

  • Scans to BIP0008 legal admissibility.
  • Configurable to backend and legacy systems.
  • Automated data retention schedules for future purges.


  • Reduce overheads with local professional outsourcing.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited service centre.
  • Data goes into servers for daily collection.

Scanning Medical and Healthcare Documents...

We are able to back-scan the following documents into central repositories. Your files move with your patients!

  • Patient medical records
  • Referral documents
  • Test results
  • x-rays

To Scanning NHS Administrative Documents


We also have experience in handling other administrative documents. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest compliance standards when back scanning. For non-medical documents, you can scan the following: 

  • Invoices
  • Complaints correspondences
  • Employee records for general administration

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Learn About Our Healthcare Back Scanning Software

Kofax Capture

Best-in-class document imaging and capture technology allows ambulance, police or coastguard services to convert paper documents and forms to a highly versatile digital format. Highly accurate optical character recognition (OCR) renders paper documents fully text-searchable.

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Kofax Transformation

Kofax Transformation sorts and classifies captured healthcare documents by enabling automated routing and delivery according to pre-defined rules. Data extraction and validation eliminates error-prone manual entry and enables delivery of data direct to back office systems.

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Filestore EDM

FileStore EDM enables NHS services to store documents in a highly classified system, combine related documents in unique case files and make documents quickly accessible from different office locations and systems.

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