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Paper documents stored in filing cabinets can take time to retrieve. Combined with the risks of misfiling, damage or loss, managing high volumes of paper records can quickly become costly and inefficient.

Our document management solutions enable the NHS and healthcare teams to store documents securely and efficiently in a searchable digitised format for later automation.


Benefits a DCS Solution for the NHS and Healthcare


Accelerated Retrieval

  • Search, tag and export no matter the network location.
  • Centralised databases accessible by desktop.
  • Custom taxonomy rules specific to your organisation.

Improved Responsiveness

  • Efficient document routing for through-processes and approvals.
  • Compartmentalised information for NHS and healthcare staff.
  • Management real-time dashboards for NHS workload balancing.

Lighter Workloads

  • Paper information automated into spreadsheets and databases.
  • Software takes care of document recovery plans.
  • Triggered workflows for fast processing progression and escalation.

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NHS Shared Business Services processes 600K forms per annum with a DCS Solution!

DCS provided an in-house forms processing solution to NHS SBS that flowed into their own data systems. State-of-the-art scanners were provided and points of staff workflows became automated. Pressures of manual keying eliminated!

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Manually processing high volumes of paper is a costly and inefficient process. Keying in data is the same way. Our outsourced services is fully accredited and trusted by government and Fortune 500s. Focus your resources on peak activity. Outsource to us today!



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