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DCS and National and Local Government

Government organisations are faced with increasing pressures, conflicting demands and ever growing workloads, with the constant pressure of cutting costs and increasing operational efficiency. 

Document management technology allows government departments to capture information from paper, fax, email and other channels, manage and share information on a single, scalable platform and implement automated workflows to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


The Benefits of a DCS Solution


Rationalise Work Processes


Monitor and Manage Workloads


Collaborative, Remote Working


Increased Compliance

  • Streamline processes on a common, centralised document management platform and eliminate duplication of work. DCS can help you implement a document management strategy, centralise mailroom operations so you can receive, capture and distribute incoming information to all departments, offices and sites.
  • Documents can be uploaded via a centralised mailroom service or from any department and then accessed online for processing anywhere in the UK. With the management dashboards, senior managers gain an accurate picture of workload by document volume, allowing them to balance workloads across the organisation.
  • DCS document management solutions help government offices meet targets for increasing staff home working opportunities. Managers retain tight control over access and can monitor remote workforce productivity via web dashboards.
  •  The compliance rules built into the document management software check each record entering the system for any compliance breaches and also apply retention rules automatically.

Improved Confidentiality


An Integrated Platform

  • Government departments handle high volumes of confidential public information and face the constant threat of unauthorised access. DCS's document management technology's access controls are tested and approved by the UK government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) who use it for their own document management.
  • DCS solutions include sophisticated technology to integrate electronic, print and fax communication on a single platform and automate delivery of captured information to the correct department resulting in improved coordination and faster processing.

National and Local Government Solutions

DCS assists companies to ensure they operate in accordance with their industry regulations, legislation, best practice standards and contract obligations
Electronic records management solutions from DCS act as powerful tools to manage compliance, while keep the resources and cost of compliance management low.

Government offices can obtain maximum benefit from an electronic document management system by automating downstream document driven processes.
Rules-based workflows to automate routing of documents to specific government departments without having to manually duplicate the process each time.

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