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The UK Public Sector - Organising Work, Organising Communities 

Government organisations are uniquely positioned to foster and promote the benefits of electronic document and records management. By positioning themselves at the forefront of electronic document practice, government offices can set the standard for leaner, more cost-efficient ways of working and reduced environmental impact.

Data Capture Solutions (DCS) has worked with a number of large local and central government bodies and helped them develop effective strategies for implementing electronic document management. 

DCS has also helped many of its public clients multiply the benefits of a digital document and records management by helping them set up a shared mailroom or records management function for distributed departments or offices.


What Electronic Document Management can do for the Public Sector


Improve Cashflow


Monitor your Supply Chain


Reduce Order and Delivery Errors


Identify Cross-Sell Opportunities


Better Exceptions Handling


Centralised Repository for Orders and Documents


Reduce Storage Costs


Quick Information Sharing

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DCS provides end to end document management solutions starting from rapid back file scanning of paper for document archives, electronic storage of records and automatic sharing of digital records in the business workflow.
DCS solutions enable emergency services teams to store documents securely and efficiently in a searchable, digitised format. DCS also provides solutions to help resolve the problems involved in patient records management.
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