Rapid Deployment Options for Pharmaceuticals and the Life Sciences

Web-based Document Management for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Document management systems can provide substantial benefits to pharmaceutical and life science companies in managing information flow and compliance. With significant existing investment in extensive and often global IT infrastructures, companies in this sector can take advantage of flexible implementation options available with DCS document management technology.

Web-based document management options

With the hosted, web-based document management option from DCS, pharmaceutical and life science businesses gain all the benefits of document management on a pay-on-demand basis. Our web-based document management technology can be deployed quickly across multiple locations with no need for local installation. Companies simply pay on a flexible per user per month or per transaction basis and can scale usage up or down in accordance with their needs.

DCS web-based document management solutions give companies the ability to commit their information assets to secure, centralised online storage with fail over options to suit your needs. Teams in different offices, contractors or offshore operations can then access the documents they need from any world location with internet access. Our web-based document storage helps companies meet the requirements of their disaster recovery plans.

Scanning services and business process outsourcing

Pharmaceutical and life science companies can avoid significant software and hardware investment by outsourcing document-intensive back office processes to DCS. Our UK service centre has ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accreditation and handles sensitive information for clients including many UK government departments.

We can offer pharmaceutical and life science companies a range of confidential scanning services including lab notebook scanning or digitising complete paper archives of research notes and other records. DCS scanning services can also handle items such as microfilm, microfiche, CAD drawings, large format plans and diagrams.

DCS can provide low-cost outsourced mailroom services. We can scan and deliver mail in digital format to tight SLA’s ensuring rapid and accurate receipt by your departments. We can scan high volumes of paper invoices or employee records and deliver them to your processes together with extracted transactional data.

Document management systems installed on-site

DCS consultants can help pharmaceutical and life science companies get maximum value from on-site installed document management systems. Our systems can be scaled easily from single department to enterprise level, and we will apply our extensive expertise to ensure solutions meet your systems integration, business process and compliance requirements.

Summary of different charging options for document management software implementation

  Per document

  Per transaction

  Per user

  Traditional capital purchase

  Lease agreement

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