Document Management Systems for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

The need for effective document management applies to all areas of pharmaceuticals and life sciences. Reliable document management systems improve collaboration, compliance and the storage, protection and control of information assets in a global environment.

In R&D, document management systems from Data Capture Solutions (DCS) facilitate collaborative research, help meet regulatory submissions deadlines with eSubmission publishing solutions and accelerate the time to market for new products. In production, our technology enables efficient management of operations documentation, SOP’s and quality assurance documents against a backdrop of rigorous industry regulation. Our process automation solutions streamline document-intensive back office processes to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

How it works

DCS provide document management consultancy, outsourced services and technology. Our technology platform is easy to deploy, scale and integrate, and our solutions include combinations of Kofax Capture, FileStore EDM and FileStore BPM software.

Kofax Capture – This industry-leading document imaging software enables pharmaceuticals and life science companies to eliminate the inefficiencies of paper. Converts items such as reports, lab notebooks, survey results and microfilm to a versatile, searchable electronic format. Items received by post, fax, email and other channels can all be processed on the same capture platform to improve business information management and compliance.

FileStore EDM – Our award-winning web-based document management software enables centralised storage of all research records, operational and business documents for improved protection and instant retrieval. Our technology allows your staff to securely share documents or reports with research associates and other collaborators based anywhere in the world and effectively manage the compliance requirements for all your business records.

FileStore BPM – The DCS workflow management software helps pharmaceuticals companies automate and manage document-intensive tasks in marketing and customer service or back office functions such as accounts payable. Managers can deploy workflows to coordinate team activity and ensure tasks are carried out in accordance with best practice standards. Automated reminder and escalation rules help ensure deadlines are met and reporting dashboards provide managers with granular productivity metrics and KPI data.

Integration with pharmaceuticals systems

DCS document management systems are built on web-based technology making them easy to deploy and scale. Our software is designed for seamless integration with ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle, CRM systems such as PeopleSoft and SalesForce and a wide range of business applications including Microsoft Office and SharePoint. Our technology integrates easily with technologies such as MS SQL, XML, MS Exchange, IBM WebSphere, MS Biz Talk, MS Dynamics and many others.

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