Document Management Software for the UK Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industry

Document management software can support the information needs of companies in the pharmaceutical and life science industry across all areas of activity and all global locations. Award-winning FileStore EDM document management software from Data Capture Solutions (DCS) can improve information management in areas such as R&D, manufacturing, marketing, customer services and back office functions such as accounts payable or human resources.

Organising information for improved productivity

For front line teams in pharmaceutical and life science companies, rapid retrieval of information from document management systems is imperative.  With FileStore EDM, companies are able to store scanned and electronic documents, emails and other digital files in a highly structured library-like system. Using powerful taxonomic rules, companies can organise information in ways which reflect how they operate, encouraging high levels of user acceptance and driving productivity.

Federated document search tool

Information in pharmaceutical and life science companies can be stored in a range of repositories in locations around the globe. To aid rapid information retrieval, our document management software provides knowledge workers with a sophisticated document search tool. Using the document search tool, teams can conduct federated searches across several different repositories and invoke a comprehensive range of search techniques, including index field searching, document parsing and several keyword search methods.

Faster eDiscovery

Companies operating in the pharmaceutical and life science industry face constant exposure to litigation cases. Departments must be prepared to comply with legal disclosure requests, which can be costly and resource-intensive. FileStore EDM has in-built ediscovery functions to significantly reduce the time and cost of ediscovery, enabling staff to rapidly search, tag and export emails and documents regardless of network location.

More productive collaboration

Effective collaboration in areas such as R&D is vital to competitive performance. Storing documents in FileStore EDM allows companies in the pharmaceutical and life science industry to promote collaborative effort by facilitating shared access. FileStore enables teams to provide remotely located colleagues and collaborators with authorised access to version-controlled documents, eliminating the need for email or postal distribution.

Managing information with case files and version control

DCS document management software provides an effective platform to manage New Drug Application submissions and support the regulatory submissions process. Using FileStore EDM as a case management tool, teams can compile all related documents in one place, facilitate easy review and enable final publishing via eSubmission.

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