What are the Benefits of Document Management Software for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences?

Retrieve documents quickly

Searching through large volumes of paper documents is time-consuming and impedes research. Systematically converting paper archives and all incoming paper documents to indexed and text-searchable electronic formats allows rapid retrieval, even from remote locations.

Reduce storage costs

Pharmaceutical and life science companies generate and receive high volumes of paper documents and must often store documents for long periods. Storing documents in a legally admissible electronic format enables companies to eliminate paper and significantly reduce the cost of physical storage.

Improve document sharing and collaboration

FileStore EDM document management software from DCS is built on web-based technology and comes with high levels of user access control. Storing documents electronically within FileStore EDM means staff in pharmaceutical and life science companies can enable access by remote departments and external collaborators, who can view documents on-screen using standard browser software.

Ensure use of correct document versions

Pharmaceutical and life science companies maintain large numbers of policy and procedure documents which are subject to frequent updating. Storing these and other documents such as proposal or contract templates in FileStore document management software ensures correct versions are available for consultation and use, while enabling inspection of full  and annotated version histories.

Automate paper workflows

Electronic document workflows provide excellent process visibility and enable rapid, accurate routing and tracking of high document volumes through processes such as approvals or review. Application of reminder and escalation rules further augments process efficiency, and automatic monitoring provides managers with granular process data and performance metrics.

Join up discrete systems

Access to information is of critical value in pharmaceutical and life science companies. DCS document management software can help bring this information together in a number of ways. Information stored in different systems or arriving by different fax or email channels can be captured to a standard document image format for universal viewing in FileStore. DCS can help document-enable discrete back office ERP and CRM systems so staff can check documents from within these systems, and our automation software can retrieve data from different systems to enable end-to-end automation of processes.

Improve compliance

DCS document management systems provide pharmaceutical and life science companies with traceable and auditable electronic records. FileStore document management software includes full audit trail logging, allowing companies and auditors to track exactly who did what and when to documents. Our technology solutions also enable automatic archiving of all incoming and outgoing fax and email communications, as well as automatic email and document content monitoring against compliance rules.

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