Document Imaging Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Industry

Effective information management is essential for competitive performance in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Despite heavy IT investment in database systems, companies in this sector still receive important information in paper format and via a range of unstructured or uncontrolled communication channels.

Data Capture Solutions Ltd (DCS) enable pharmaceutical and life science companies to take better control this information flow with a range of document imaging solutions. We provide industry-leading Kofax Capture technology, enabling companies to capture information from paper, fax, email, MFD and other sources and integrate it with their information systems.

Examples of areas where document imaging can be applied:
- Research notes, reports, CRF’s, lab notebooks, clinical trials documentation.
- SOP and production paperwork, batch forms, quality assurance and quality control records.
- Contract management, business correspondence, copies of signed documents.
- Policies and procedures.
- Regulatory documents, licences and certification.
- Supplier information and invoices.
- Employee records and forms.
- Copies of marketing documentation, survey results.

Using our Kofax-based document imaging solutions, departments can systematically convert high volumes of paper documents to indexed and text-searchable electronic formats for instant retrieval from their systems.

Multi-channel capture and document imaging

Pharmaceutical and life science companies can take advantage of DCS communications management solutions to streamline information flow. Our solutions incorporate Kofax Communications Server technology enabling automated capture, routing and archiving of information received via fax, email or MFD, as well as channels such as SMS, voicemail or telex. With the DCS solution, documents arriving by post, fax or email can all be processed on a single capture platform, allowing much more cohesive information management.

Information management from document receipt – mailroom document imaging

To gain maximum benefit from document imaging technology, pharmaceutical and life science companies can control information flow from the mailroom. DCS mailroom solutions reduce manual intervention at the mailroom stage to ensure rapid and accurate information delivery according to pre-defined business rules.

Companies can achieve economies of scale by centralising their mailroom operations, while digitising information for electronic storage and retrieval or release into automated workflows.

Our mailroom solution features Kofax KTM document classification technology which automatically sorts and classifies incoming documents such as reports, forms or correspondence, allowing rapid delivery to the right team, repository or process.

Pharmaceutical and life science companies can also enable data extraction directly from paper documents to avoid manual rekeying operations. Kofax KTM technology supplied by DCS enables rapid extraction of data from documents such as forms or invoices. Easy-to-use validation technology then ensures delivery of clean and complete data direct to back office ERP or CRM systems.

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