Workflow Management Software for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Sector

With tough deadlines to meet in a tough regulatory environment, teams in pharmaceutical and life science companies can benefit substantially from the capabilities of workflow management software. Whether the emphasis is on ambitious programmes for growth or operational cost saving, workflow management software such as FileStore BPM enables companies to unlock the efficiency-driving potential of greater process automation.

Team-based workflows

Managers who need to tightly coordinate team activity around R&D goals can quickly assign tasks and monitor workloads using FileStore BPM workflow management software from Data Capture Solutions (DCS). FileStore BPM provides a transparent collaboration environment in which teams carry out tasks built around regulatory best practice. The work process is visualised in flow chart form to allow easy monitoring, and automated notifications, reminders and escalation rules help teams adhere to deadlines.

Approvals workflows and eSubmission

During the development of New Drug Applications and similar research initiatives a large number of documents can be in circulation at any one time. Channeling these documents through FileStore BPM approval and review workflows gives instant visibility to the entire process as well as the status of individual items. With the ability to build rules around the approval requirements of particular documents, managers can enable efficient routing and tracking of work through approvals processes, receive alerts and monitor progress from their desktops.

Reducing costs with business process automation

With process automation, companies in the pharmaceutical and life science sector can reduce operational costs in areas where high volumes of paper documents such as forms or invoices are processed manually. As an example, accounts payable departments can reduce their invoice processing costs by electronically capturing supplier invoices on receipt. Workflow management software can then route and track a high volume of invoices through reconciliation and approvals processes according to a set of pre-defined rules, significantly reducing administrative effort.

Similar workflow rules can be developed for other documents such as complaint correspondence, contracts, regulatory notices or licences. Implemented at the receiving stage as part of a digital mailroom solution, the workflow management software will then be able to effect rapid, accurate and audited delivery. Automated tracking, monitoring and escalation functions ensure renewals and time-sensitive response deadlines are maintained, thereby helping reduce business risk.

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