Business Process Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

of rapidly evolving government regulation with constant uncertainty surrounding energy policy. Compounded by the international nature of many oil and gas projects, this poses a high level of risk to companies who are not agile enough to adapt their processes in the face of regulatory change.

With FileStore BPM business process management software from DCS, managers can gain a high level of control and visibility of oil and gas business processes. With this process management tool, managers can design and roll out simple or complex business processes which comply with regulatory best practice. Building team-based workflows around these process rules then ensures a high level of process repeatability with the ability to quickly adapt processes as standards change.

Applying process management to team-based projects

Many oil and gas projects are determined by scope of work (SOW) documents and workflow process plans. With business process management software, project managers can build workflows around the SOW and ensure the responsibilities of all parties in the workflow are clearly defined. The ability to apply notification, reminder and escalation rules to workflows then helps control adherence to management of change (MOC) process guidelines and schedule deadlines. 

FileStore BPM is web-based business process management technology requiring no local installation. With access to a standard web browser and email or SMS, external parties such as field-based teams or sub-contractors can participate in workflows as if they were in the same office. On-screen dashboards in FileStore BPM allow managers to monitor team workloads and productivity in real-time, identify project bottlenecks at an early stage and obtain granular process metrics and KPI data.

Improving efficiency and reducing risk with process automation

The ability to automate document-based processes in FileStore BPM reduces the need for manual intervention and opportunities for delay or human error. Typical examples in oil and gas companies are approvals processes. With the DCS process management software, managers can automate the routing of new project proposal or process safety management (PSM) documents using standardised approval workflows and efficiently monitor the progress of large numbers of documents. 

Oil and gas companies can also improve the efficiency of back office processes, for example, with automated invoice reconciliation and approval workflows. Workflows can automatically route high volumes of digitised supplier invoices through the system according to pre-defined rules, while ensuring any exceptions are quickly routed to teams for prompt resolution.

By building reminder workflows around document expiry dates, oil and gas companies can reduce risk and ensure greater compliance in the maintenance of up-to-date certification, licences and accreditation, as well as ensuring the timely disposition of employee records in line with the Data Protection Act.

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