Electronic Document Storage and Retrieval for Oil and Gas Companies

Giving oil and gas companies better information control

A highly skilled workforce and the latest technology and equipment will boost the productivity and competitiveness of companies in the oil and gas industry. Another key element is effective access to information.

In any oil and gas company, a significant amount of critical information is contained in document form, and many of these documents are filed away in physical document storage locations. With award-winning FileStore EDM document management technology, companies gain an electronic document storage system, which can help dramatically improve information access and sharing for front line teams.

Turning document storage into a document library

It’s no use storing information in a system if no one can find it or the system is not user-friendly. With the FileStore EDM document storage system, companies in the oil and gas industry can organise their documents with library-like efficiency using highly structured taxonomies. Customising the storage structure to reflect the way the company operates will then not only enable rapid information retrieval, but also encourage a high level of user buy-in.

Searching thousands of documents instantly

With the availability of a suite of powerful search tools, FileStore EDM document storage enables oil and gas companies to maximise the value of document-based information. Project managers, field engineers or production staff can quickly search thousands of documents by index field and a range of full text search methods. With FileStore EDM, teams can also conduct a federated search to rapidly retrieve information stored in different networked repositories.

Email archiving and rapid ediscovery

A high incidence of industrial accidents and a highly competitive commercial environment mean oil and gas companies need to be able to respond effectively to legal disclosure requests. To meet this need proactively, FileStore EDM document storage technology includes email archiving and ediscovery functions. The technology can help reduce the cost and resources required to respond to time-consuming disclosure requests by enabling rapid searching of emails and documents when producing evidence lists.

Change control

In the oil and gas industry, teams need to have ready access to a range of procedure and policy documents, which are also subject to frequent updating. Documents relating to project management, operating procedures, employment terms and conditions, health and safety and regulatory best practice can all be stored in FileStore EDM for ease of consultation. With in-built version control, workforces will always have access to the most recent version of these documents, while complete version histories remain available for inspection.

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