Document Management Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry

Document management systems fulfil important roles across all areas of the oil and gas industry. In front line exploration and production, they can boost productivity with better information sharing and more effective collaboration. In document-intensive back office functions such as human resources or finance and accounting, they can significantly improve cost saving and efficiency.

In this highly regulated sector, award-winning FileStore document management systems from Data Capture Solutions Ltd (DCS) enable oil and gas companies to improve compliance, while reducing the administrative cost and effort of compliance and records management. With extensive infrastructures and geographically dispersed operations, DCS document management systems help companies share information effectively across multiple locations, facilitating project collaboration and supporting information flow to and from remote, field-based teams.

With our outsourced solutions, we have helped our client ExxonMobil streamline the processing of 120,000 EMEA invoices per annum, reducing “per invoice” processing costs by almost 50%.

How it works

DCS provide document management and process automation solutions including consultancy, outsourced services and a robust technology platform. We provide a wide range of business solutions to help companies improve their information flow and realise efficiency gains through greater automation of administrative processes. Our solutions are based on combinations of Kofax Capture, FileStore EDM and FileStore BPM.

Kofax Capture – Digitise surveys, plans, CAD drawings and all forms of paper-based documentation for more effective sharing and consultation. Capture business critical information from post, fax and email using the same technology platform and enable rapid automated delivery to the right teams. Extract transactional data straight from paper and deliver it to ERP and CRM systems with no manual rekeying. 

FileStore EDM – Ensure documents are stored traceably across your organisation, retrieve them in seconds from any location and remove paper from your processes to reduce the cost of physical storage and combat information loss. Improve compliance with ISO 9001, 14000 and 29001, HSE, COSHH, IFRS, SOX and many other pieces of legislation affecting oil and gas operations. Manage employee records, timesheets and payroll efficiently across multiple sites.

FileStore BPM – Enhance the visibility of your business processes locally and globally to boost productivity, contain costs and respond effectively to change. Automate the routing and tracking of high document volumes through approvals and reviewing processes. Set up reminder and escalation rules to help meet important document renewal deadlines. Monitor processes via desktop dashboards and obtain granular productivity metrics and KPI data.

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