Document Imaging Solutions for Oil and Gas Companies

Converting paper documents to electronic format has many advantages for companies operating in the oil and gas industry. Indexed, text-searchable digital versions of documents are easy to retrieve and can contain useful in-built metadata such as records retention criteria. Working with document images also safeguards important documents against loss or damage when the paper versions are used in harsh operating environments.

Oil and gas companies can usefully digitise a wide range of documents, such as:

  •    Maintenance contracts
  •    Drilling logs
  •    Master service agreements
  •    Certifications
  •    Equipment warranties and insurance policies
  •    Product, service and HSE documentation
  •    Leases
  •    Large format plans and CAD drawings
  •    Invoices
  •    Items held on microfiche or microfilm
  •    Time sheets, forms and other employee and sub-contractor records

Centralised and distributed document imaging

DCS can help oil and gas companies implement different document imaging strategies. For some companies a centralised document imaging solution will help achieve economies of scale and enable the deployment of solutions such as a centralised digital mailroom. With distributed document imaging, remote offices can scan business documents such as invoices or employee forms locally, upload them for processing by a central back office function and avoid paper shipping costs and delays.

Multi-channel document imaging

Oil and gas companies who regularly receive business process documents via channels such as fax and email can take advantage of multi-channel document imaging technology. DCS can help companies capture high volumes of business documents using a single document imaging platform, regardless of whether they arrive by post, fax or email. The technology can also capture information from channels such as SMS, telex, voicemail or telephony systems, providing companies with a more streamlined and auditable information flow and enabling faster, more accurate communications routing with minimal manual input.

Centralised digital mailrooms for geographically dispersed operations

Oil and gas companies with geographically dispersed offices can eliminate duplicated mailroom functions with document imaging-driven mailroom solutions. A centralised digital mailroom improves the speed and accuracy of mail delivery, while providing a more auditable process and allowing companies to gain a clearer overview of their processes by volume of mail received.

The DCS digital mailroom solution enables automated mail sorting and classification using intelligent document recognition technology. Pre-defined rules then enable automated routing and delivery of high volumes of mail items to the right teams or business processes.

Oil and gas companies can also reduce or eliminate high-volume data rekeying operations by incorporating data extraction technology into their digital mailroom solution. With this technology, data are extracted directly from transactional documents such as forms or invoices, quickly validated then delivered directly to back office ERP or CRM systems in the required format.

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