Compliance Solutions for Oil and Gas Companies

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Solutions

DCS assists companies to ensure they operate in accordance with their industry regulations, legislation, best practice standards and contract obligations.

For oil and gas companies operating in a highly regulated environment, managing documentation effectively is a key challenge in meeting compliance obligations. Ensuring all documentation is complete, up-to-date and readily accessible can also entail substantial cost and administrative effort.

Compliance and records management solutions provided by Data Capture Solutions Ltd (DCS) can help oil and gas companies reduce the cost and resources required to administer compliance, while improving the ability to meet compliance obligations. Our solutions are built around securely stored, auditable and accessible electronic records.

Complete and up-to-date documentation all in one place.

DCS compliance and records management solutions can help oil and gas companies ensure up-to-date versions of ISO, HSE, IFRS, emergency response plan (ERP) or site safety plan (SSP) documentation are readily accessible complete with full version histories. Our solutions convert all paper documents to an indexed, searchable electronic format and allow these to be stored in a single storage location together with other electronic documents and copies of relevant fax and email communications.

Monitoring time-sensitive oil and gas compliance obligations

Conversion of all compliance related documents to electronic format at the point of entry into the business allows automated monitoring of various compliance deadlines, such as certification or licence expiries or employee record disposition. This significantly reduces administrative effort in managing high volumes of business records.

Effective oil and gas records management

DCS records management solutions support all common records management frameworks, including the internationally recognised ISO 15489 best practice standard. Our solutions enable easy implementation of file plans and management of records retention schedules. By enabling greater levels of automation, DCS can help oil and gas companies reduce the cost and effort of managing high volumes of records, ensuring efficient tracking of records from declaration, through active and archived lifecycle stages to review for disposition.

Legal admissibility of oil and gas electronic records to BS BIP 0008

Compliance with BS BIP 0008 enables oil and gas companies to make full use of electronically held records in a court of law. Electronic records have “evidential weight” in a court of law providing their integrity can be proven. To help companies achieve BS BIP 0008 compliance, DCS records management solutions have in-built audit trail logging. Our audit trail logging technology automatically records all actions performed on files throughout their lifecycle, enabling companies to demonstrate easily who did what to a file and when.

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