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Sensitive Document Management for Sensitive Cases

Personal Injury

Personal injury specialists in legal firms and in-house legal teams need effective tools to help manage compliance obligations while controlling compliance costs.

Client care and complaint management requirements found in regulatory standards such as OFR typically recommend time frames for response and resolution. This and other deadline-oriented stipulations in personal injury cases leave practices exposed to action and fines for non-compliance.

Technology from DCS can help minimise these risks by electronically capturing and classifying documents such as complaint correspondence as they arrive.

Compliance management solutions available from UK based DCS Ltd can help legal firms meet regulatory obligations cost-effectively wherever documents and records are required as evidence of compliance.


How Document Management Software Can Help your Personal Injury Cases


Save Time - Meet Deadlines


Reduce Paper Storage


Track Annotations


Automate Compliance

  • Reduce the time required for busy legal teams to prepare court bundles.
  • Quickly digitise and index high volumes of paper documents.
  • Review and annotate documents and keyword search annotations and annotation authors.
  • Apply automatic document retention criteria and automate document compliance requirements.

Our Personal Injury Solutions

Our digital mailroom tracks each complaint through to resolution.

MailManager tracking is supported by:

  • Automated email notifications
  • Reminders and 
  • escalation routines. 
DCS can help legal firms meet the requirements of the Data Protection Act and other regulations, with Kofax Capture. How Kofax Capture can help.
  • Incoming claims documents and correspondances are scanning and digitised
  • Personal details are tagged for searchability and;
  • Confidential information is managed according to data protection criteria

The DCS solution helps ensure records are stored securely with tightly controlled access and destroyed in a timely manner to meet disposition requirements.

Kofax mobile capture gives you the same benefits as Kofax Capture but vital portability and speed. Quickly scan insurance, personal injury and corporate documents on-the-go!

Whether you are at a practice or away at a client meeting, ensure that you have all the paper and electronic documents you need alive and well in your law databases.

Special Features

Ensure best practices with industry standard records compliance

DCS compliance solutions can help legal practices achieve and maintain compliance in a number of document management regulations. Our software modules comply with:

  • Lexcel,
  • QMS 4 Law,
  • ISO 9001:2008

Protect the legal admissibility of your documents

Scanned documents and electronic records have good legal validity in court. But this can be compromised without proof of integrity. Our solutions comply with BIP 0008 via:

  • Access to our BIP 0008 Filestore Module
  • Audit trails for each document
  • Enhance granular analysis via these trails.

Systems We Integrate With

Peppermint Tech

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