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Imagine a Law Practice that is Paper Lite but Document RIch

Legal Document Scanning and Archiving

 For most legal firms, it's no longer a matter of creating electronic archives just for space and cost savings. They are addressing critical business issues such as: 

  • matching information on incoming correspondence to case files or matter management systems
  • sharing documents with fee earners and remote offices
  • Not compromising the security of documents. 

DCS legal document scanning and archiving software digitises incoming correspondences, then sorts and tracks them for case management and compliance.

DCS also offers dedicated legal document scanning services designed to help firms manage high-volume scanning requirements quickly, securely and at a lower cost than achievable in-house, allowing fee earners and case workers to focus on higher value work.


Our Scanning and Records Management Solutions

Capture your legal correspondances

Kofax Capture provides the means to make legal forms and correspondences accessible. Converting to a consistent electronic format ensures that your legal files are ready for:

  • downstream processing,
  • distribution
  • or archiving.

Coordinate document sharing

Potential new records enter legal firms in a range of formats on a daily basis. To help deal with this influx, DCS capture solutions process records via a single system. Our automated mailroom solution captures and indexes legal documents and communications from:

  • legal documents from post,
  • communications via fax
  • documents sent and retrieved from email systems.

Documents from these systems are converted to a compliant image format and declared as records according to pre-defined rules.

Keep your case archives compliant

Law firms implementing the ISO 15489 best practice standard can take advantage of the dedicated FileStore 15489 compliance module.

DCS records management solutions provide the means for effective file plan execution, records declaration and disposition.

The compliance module is updated as legislation changes and provides managers with an effective tool to manage records compliance.

Outsourced legal document scanning bureau

The DCS UK service centre is one of the largest document scanning operations in Europe and achieves annual accreditation to the ISO 27001 standard for information security. 

  • In compliance with the BS BIP 0008 standard,the code of practice relating to the legal admissibility and evidential weight of electronically held information.

  • Conforms to Data Protection guidelines. We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and adhere to all current EU legislation on information processing. 

  •  Highly automated nature of our document scanning services. Requires minimal manual intervention.

We can also provide a rapid turnaround for legal backfile scanning projects to help law firms move archives to digital format.

Systems We Integrate With

Peppermint Tech

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