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Legal Case Management

DCS document management technology forms the basis of our case management solutions, enabling all case-related documents, records and communications to be stored in unique electronic case files.

Different members of legal teams can work on the same document simultaneously, and teams can share documents with external collaborators via remote access for improved productivity.

DCS case management can be made available on a hosted basis. This means law firms can deploy it quickly and without the need for major upfront capital outlay. Instead, flexible charging on a pay-per-click basis allows firms to spread the cost and only pay for what they use.


Our Case Management Solutions for Law Firms

Case Management Software Benefits

Convert paper files to electronic format allows automatic application of retention criteria for legal documents and tax records as well as the firm’s own employee records. 

Easily locate and manage case files: application of robust taxonomic rules enables law firms to structure electronic document storage to suit the way they operate.

Benefit from ISO 15489 compliant records management: substantially reduce the cost and administrative effort in managing the records retention and disposition requirements for high record volumes.

Award-winning search functionality: Case documents are retrieved instantly via several different search routes and transforms all documents into information assets. Faster preparation of court bundles is one direct benefit of FileStore document storage and retrieval capabilities. 

Audit trail logging Automatically records all actions performed on documents. This helps ensure the legal admissibility of scanned documents and electronic records to the BS BIP 0008 standard.

Extend functionality Integrate with older document management systems


Case Management Software

In MailManager, documents are assigned a supervisor and head of department who are alerted to having documents to review - in proactive accordance with regulatory requirements.

The documents are then routed onwards their respective case lawyers, who categorise them and assign them to Solcase/Worksite/Visual Files.

As a customer care measure, the system looks for words and phrases that suggest the document may be a letter of complaint. If any occur, they are highlighted and fasttracked for attention.

FileStore EDM is built on web-based technology and integrates tightly with industry-leading Kofax document capture technology.

Legal firms can take advantage of this technology combination to improve document handling, enable easier remote access, or enable information exchange between different systems. 


Workflow management consultants at UK company DCS Ltd can help legal firms identify areas where automation will bring the greatest returns.

We will factor in the needs of legal teams and systems integration and help implement solutions based on our award-winning FileStore BPM software.

Systems We Integrate With

Peppermint Tech

Case Automation Feature Story


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