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Case Management Solutions for Insurance Defence

Managing large volumes of paperwork in new legal claims is a laborious and inefficient process. Proven document management technology is available to enable better ways of working in this field, speeding up processes to the benefit of solicitors, lawyers and their clients.

With an electronic document management strategy you can achieve speed and efficiency gains which can significantly reduce case lifecycles and reduce overall claim costs.



The profitability of insurance claims management can be affected by unacceptably insurance claim processing costs. Processing high volumes involves managing a multitude of documents.This can cause backlogs and delays in insurance and/or PPI claim processing. DCS can help remedy the situation by:

  • Reducing delays and bottlenecks in handling high volumes of incoming insurance claim documents.
  • Improving efficiency in claim processing using automated workflows.
  • Avoid the need for additional headcount or storage space.
  • Reduce the time required for busy legal teams to prepare court bundles
  • Dedicate more time to fee-earning activities


Our Solutions for Insurance Defence

Prepares and converts claims and related documents into a digital format before extracting and validating the relevant content. Claims are ready to action by your team or external adjusters.

  • Kofax software captures incoming streams of claim information from paper, fax or email into a structured common digital format.
  • Rapidly search electronic documents held in case files
  • Review and annotate documents and keyword search annotations and annotation authors


Typical examples of PPI documents which can be processed via DCS digital mailroom automation:

  • PPI Claim letter
  • PPI Claim form
  • FOS PPI questionnaire
  • Acknowledgements
  • Offers
  • Settlements
  • Rejections
  • Acceptance slips


A business process management application that can work standalone or integrated with Filestore and kofax software. Kofax KTA is a flexible tool that provides workspaces for legal teams to collaborate as well as a workflow builder .

  • Automate recognition, classification and distribution of different document types 
  • Safely share documents online with authorised colleagues and partners using a standard browser
  • Build electronic case files for each client containing legally admissible BIP0008 compliant scanned documents
  • Available as both a cloud or an on-premise solution.

Systems We Integrate With

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