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Search Information Across Systems for E-Discovery


DCS e-discovery solutions allows law firms and organisations to perform investigation searches within their own timescales. 

Investigations can require extensive reports on all related documents and communications concerning individuals, certain subject matters and relevant timeframes. So having an accurate , fast, and compliant search and reporting ability is a must.

Legal departments also need the ability to enforce communication and usage policies effectively including understanding use and abuse patterns.



Our E-Discovery Solutions

Our flagship product, Filestore EDM, can help reduce the cost and resources required to respond to time-consuming disclosure requests by enabling rapid searching of emails and documents when producing evidence lists.

Capture documents containing references numbers. By using MailManager,  higher volumes of incoming documents can be allocated quickly to the correct fee earner.

Using Kofax Capture allows you to create electronic case files containing all relevant documents and records.  Then securely share them online with remote case collaborators to aid faster case resolution.

Software Benefits 

  • Perform fast investigation searches
  • Search for specific words within any email message, subject line or attachment
  • Search across network documents in MS Office, PDFs, faxes and scanned documents
  • Focus your time on high-level activities including understanding document context, analysing complex situations and building your case
  • Maintain confidentiality by allowing tagging of documents as 'Privileged' or 'Confidential'
  • Export documents to PDF and emails to PST with the option to security seal the data to UK Government Security and Police Force standards.

Systems We Integrate With

Peppermint Tech

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