Insurance Defence Case Automation

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Extract data from case forms and automate the insurance case process to drive efficiency. DCS automated insurance defence case management solutions for insurance defence can shorten busy-work and achieve filing deadlines with a bespoke solution for your practice.


Benefits of Using an Insurance Defence Automation Solution


Better Case File Tracking

  • Flag insurance case documents for review.
  • Track file annotations.
  • Internal search engine can be configured by document author, correspondence type, or processing deadline.

Quicker Settlements

  • Coordinate legal teams with workflow dashboards.
  • Grab data from a multitude of paper and electronic correspondences and insert them into your workflows.
  • Track and automate alerts when external correspondences are received or required.

Transferable Costs

  • Eliminate paper storage while maintaining retention schedules.
  • Software rules applicable to finance automation and matter management.
  • Solutions with different outsource, in-house and hosting options.

Integrated Automation for Integrated Teams


How can our solutions help you manage cases? We can first automate recognition, classification and distribution of different document types. Your are then able to share documents online with authorised colleagues and partners using a standard browser.

The key for us is in building electronic case files for each claimant containing legally admissible BIP0008 compliant scanned documents.

A Wealth of Processable Documents

The work of an insurance defence lawyer relies on their aptitude of identifying coverage issues. Our capture technology helps you focus on that rather than manual document processing.

Typical examples of PPI documents which can be processed via our solutions include:

  • PPI Claim letter
  • PPI Claim form
  • FOS PPI questionnaire
  • Acknowledgements
  • Offers
  • Settlements
  • Rejections
  • Acceptance slips

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Kofax Transformation

Kofax software captures incoming streams of claim information from paper, fax or email into a structured common digital format. You can rapidly search policy documents, correspondences and court documents held in case files.

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DCS Mail Manager

A correspondence automation software, MailManager has powerful taxonomic rules to help letters and documents go to the appropriate fee earner. Gather scanned or e-mailed case attributes and claimant correspondences for review.

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Kofax TotalAgility

A business process management application that can work standalone or integrated with Filestore and Kofax software. Kofax KTA is a flexible tool that provides workspaces for legal teams to collaborate as well as a workflow builder .

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Manually processing high volumes of paper is a costly and inefficient process. Keying in data is the same way. Our outsourced services is fully accredited and trusted by government and Fortune 500s. Focus your resources on peak activity. Outsource to us today!



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