Automating Legal Case Workflows

Enter Automation

Workflow management and business process automation may sound unusual in the knowledge-based legal sector. Benefits of process automation in a legal practice context: include improved document tracking, workload monitoring and automated filing.

Automated notifications and automated routing of documents can also be achieved, even for the most complex of legal case management workflows.


Benefits of Automating Legal Case Workflows


Boosts Case Efficiency

  • Create dashboards for external client and internal team case coordination.
  • Identify bottlenecks in case management processes.
  • Run simulations for testing new processing methods.

Reduces Administrative Costs

  • Use intelligent software that adapts and learns.
  • Automate correspondence distribution to correct fee earner.
  • View global overviews of records status for adaptive resource allocation.

Faster Client Service

  • Setup prioritised correspondence delivery.
  • Automatic case handler allocation.
  • Have Letters generated from collating information from multiple documents.

Unleash Your Team's Potential with Automation

Workflow management software provides a useful platform to coordinate team activity and schedule tasks in a highly transparent manner. 

With the availability of a host of case-related metrics, Our Filestore dashboards give practice managers a much more granular overview of ongoing processes than is possible in paper-based working. The  result? Excellent process visibility.


Our Business Process Consultancy


Workflow management consultants at DCS Ltd can help legal firms identify areas where automation will bring the greatest returns.

We will factor in the needs of legal teams and systems integration and help implement solutions based on our award-winning FileStore BPM software.

Ready for some Expert advice?

Our business consultants are here to help you accelerate and simplify your digital transformation journey.

Learn About our Case Workflow Automation Software

DCS Mail Manager

Key ingredients for legal process automation are incoming case-related documents and communications. MailManager quickly digitises, indexes, sorts and classifies incoming mail items.

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Filestore BPM

Legal practice records managers can harness our workflow management software to reduce the cost and effort of administering complex records retention schedules. It also provides visibility in case handling processes with remote dashboards of management.

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Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture eliminates the need to worry about retention deadlines or trying to free more storage space in your systems. When Kofax Capture converts paper records to an electronic format at the point of receipt, it allows retention criteria to be built in as metadata.

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