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Scanning and Capturing Insurance Claims

 Insurance companies using capture software and services can realise productivity benefits such as parallel processing by enabling simultaneous distribution of incoming documents to different departments, e.g. application forms to underwriting and accounts.

Automatic sorting, classifying and routing of captured documents means your teams receive the documents they need faster. Meanwhile, indexing according to a range of business criteria enables highly efficient storage, retrieval, tracking and tracing of captured documents.

 DCS can also help insurance companies reduce costs with distributed capture strategies. A typical scenario would involve locally scanning and capturing items such as invoices or employment documents for processing by centralised accounts payable or HR departments.



Typical Examples of Insurance Document Scanning Applications

  • Contracts
  • Application forms
  • Policy documents
  • Medical records
  • Customer correspondence
  • Legal documents
  • Quotations
  • First notice of loss forms
  • Multi-part claim forms
  • Renewal notices

Why Capture Claims Data with DCS?


Ensured Compliance


Tested Security






  • Compliance: We ensure our working practices are in line with EU legislation on information processing are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  • Security: Our document management technology has been security checked and tested by the UK government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, who use it for their own internal records management.
  • Classification: We can enable automated routing of scanned documents direct to the right handler or process using industry-leading Kofax document classification technology, which sorts and classifies documents by type.
  • Extraction: We can provide document data extraction and validation, allowing cleaned data to be delivered directly to insurance back office systems.

Our Document Scanning Services for Insurance

The DCS scanning centre consistently achieves annual accreditation to the ISO 27001 standard for information security. 

Scanned documents are automatically indexed according to insurance client specifications and can be made fully text searchable. In addition, DCS can provide further document processing e.g. document classification, data extraction.



Industry-leading Kofax Capture and KTM technology allows highly automated processing of items such as application forms, claim forms, cheques and correspondence and eliminates data rekeying.

The technology instantly converts policy numbers, names, addresses and other details into actionable data, including hand-printed and hand-written content.

Easy-to-use validation processes ensure the delivery of complete and correct data to database systems and line of business applications.

Implementing document capture in the mailroom delivers several benefits for insurers.

Centralising mail receipt, capture and distribution for the whole organisation rationalises mail processing resources, enables rapid and accurate delivery and releases documents and data into automated workflows at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Systems We Integrate With


Claims Management Case Study


Paragon Digital Mailroom Case Study

DCS was asked to come up with a way to address several document processing issues identified by Paragon during a Document Management Review. Two key divisions were under focus, with cost control a key concern.
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