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Protecting Your Standards

Compliance for the Insurance Industry

 Insurance providers handling a high volume of documents and records are constantly exposed to the risk of heavy financial penalties and damaged reputation due to legal action or failing external audits.

To satisfy the more exacting demands surrounding the legal validity of electronic documents, it is also necessary to prove the document has not been modified.

DCS helps insurance providers produce an accurate records or audit trail of all the actions and changes performed on an insurance document during its retention lifecycle. 



The Benefits of Electronic Document Management and Compliance for Insurance Providers


Security and Data Protection


End-to-End Records Management


Coordinate and Trace

Digital document management helps to audit-proof your records. DCS has vast experience of providing solutions featuring approved access, timely reminders of compliance checks that need updating, and fully tracked and auditable monitoring of actions taken with documents.

Our Software Solutions for Compliance for Insurers

With rising identity fraud and public distrust of having their details stored electronically, failure to comply with the Data Protection Act can prove highly damaging and expensive in a competitive market. DCS can help insurers address this risk using FileStore EDM document management technology. 

The FileStore document management software also provides powerful document searching features and comes with active compliance and audit trail logging modules , making meeting insurance compliance obligations even easier!


FileStore BPM workflow management software from DCS can help insurers comply with FSA ICOBS and TCF standards for complaint handling.

Automated routing, notifications, reminders and escalations ensure complaints are handled according to set procedures and within the specified time frame.

In-built management reporting features provide managers with tailored data on metrics such as complaint volumes and resolution rates.

Using Kofax Kapow's robotic process automation, you can automatically tag records for retention, transfer, archive or destruction.

Easily apply consistent policies to records in a variety of media, from web content to archived e-mail messages to scanned images and spreadsheets without any manual data entry.

This lowers the cost of retaining records in accordance with the British Standard for records retention and legal admissibility.

Systems We Integrate With


Claims Management Case Study


Paragon Digital Mailroom Case Study

DCS was asked to come up with a way to address several document processing issues identified by Paragon during a Document Management Review. Two key divisions were under focus, with cost control a key concern.
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Post processing, mail items were scanned using 10 scanners and electronically archived in a process that was similarly manual, expensive and inefficient. So Neopost introduced DCS as their partners to work on improving the inbound mail process.

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This white paper addresses the principles of today’s document management systems and the current market trends. It also covers the ways in which businesses can actually quantify the return on investment (ROI) of implementing an electronic system or the scanning of their documents onto CDs. Every business is different.

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Like many businesses, you may be looking to digitise and electronically file your company documentation and set up a reliable online resource. Here we briefly examine the high-level considerations for a successful scan-to-archive project.

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