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Insurance Claims Management

For insurance companies, the key benefit of moving to electronic records management is greater control. Coupled with this are opportunities to reduce the administrative burden and costs with greater records automation, and to minimise the disruption to teams actively using business records in the course of their work.

With the DCS records management solution, insurance businesses can implement file plans which meet the demands of ISO 15489 and other records management frameworks.


Benefits of an Electronic Claims Management System


Reduced Physical Storage


Cost-per-Claim Savings


Workflow Integration


Cross-Department Applications

  • Storage: Capturing claim documents electronically reduces the need for physical document storage. Office space is freed up and the need to rent extra space is avoided.

  • Savings: The cost-per-claim falls as a larger number of claims are processed per day without increasing headcount.

  • Integration: Claims management systems can be configured and easily integrated with your existing business applications or databases to fully streamline your claim handling process.

  • Value-Added: You can gradually apply a claims solution to other processes such as invoice processing or employee records management to obtain further value from your investment.

Insurance Claims Management Solutions

Your claim processing will be quick, accurate and comply with record management regulations as we use three award-winning software components detailed below. 

Our Kofax document capture solutions integrate the capture of documents arriving by different routes for processing on a single platform.

High volumes of incoming documents can be quickly identified by type, declared as records and indexed and routed accordingly.


For single and multi-site companies, the Filestore EDM solution provides centralised electronic document storage. This provides the means to organise and manage records efficiently and securely for the entire enterprise.

Where records are held across a range of repositories, powerful search technology is available to help records managers locate and track different record types.

Working with record documents in electronic format allows records managers to substantially automate records retention, delivering greater efficiency while reducing costs.

With DCS workflow management software, managers can track records such as policy documents, accident reports, settled claims, invoices or employee files from declaration through each stage of their lifecycle to disposition.

Systems We Integrate With


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This debt collection firm reduced mail processing costs to half with an automated scanning and validation solution.
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Claims management companies can achieve huge operational benefits by undertaking improvements in how the vast quantities of claim correspondence is processed - from arrival in postbags and email inboxes to backend storage in client case files.

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This white paper addresses the principles of today’s document management systems and the current market trends. It also covers the ways in which businesses can actually quantify the return on investment (ROI) of implementing an electronic system or the scanning of their documents onto CDs. Every business is different.

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This whitepaper features use cases in some of the ways that RPA software can revolutionise your organisation and ultimately save countless minutes, hours, days, weeks and even years in salaried staff time that would otherwise be wasted on manual processes.

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