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For insurance companies, automated solutions such as RPA make KYC faster while streamlining the insurance process. But before taking that step, the confidentiality and security of documents is still critical for all operations. This includes account opening, application management, or policy updates and customer communication.

A DCS solution can make information about your customers, suppliers or employees more accessible to staff while maintaining security.


Benefits of a DCS Insurance Automation Solution

Decrease Processing Spend
  • A singular data capture platform for electronicising and sorting multiple media.
  • Automation to maintain more efficient staffing costs.
  • Instantaneous automated routing of correspondences.
Better Customer Service
  • Powerful e-discovery and for faster enquiry retrieval.
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop workflow and task management.
  • Account progression tagging and process analytics
Regulatory Compliance
  • Secure central storage of sensitive data.
  • Audit trails that log user document changes.
  • Optical character recognition for creating accurate entries.

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Equity in Finance reduces cost-per-claim with a digital mailroom!

With an estimated 50% savings in incoming mail handling, Equity in Finance reduced processing times with this fundamental change. DCS provided an end-to-end solution enabling them to gain an edge over the competition.




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