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Data Capture for the Insurance Industry

Insurance Industry Solutions by DCS


For insurance companies, solutions such as robotic process automation make KYC (Know Your Customers) faster and easier while reducing operational costs and streamlining the insurance process.  

The confidentiality and security of documents are also critical for all operations whether its account opening, application management, or policy updates and customer communications. 

Find out how you can make information about customers, suppliers or employees more accessible yet more secure insurance.


Benefits for the Insurance Industry


Streamline your Processes

UK insurance companies can boost operational efficiency, information flow and corporate citizenship by converting to electronic document based workflows and cutting paper consumption. 

Improve Customer Service

Gain competitive advantage through high quality and faster claims handling.

Decrease Processing Spend

Eliminate the need for manual data entry, document storage and shipping through the use of a single capture platform for all document types.


Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Confidential documents containing private personal data are electronically captured at the point of receipt and centrally stored in a robust repository with tightly controlled user access.

See Our Solutions for the Insurance Sector

DCS document scanning services are used by insurance clients to reduce paper handling and storage costs, improve records security and traceability and implement process automation. Our UK based scanning centre is one of the largest in Europe with annual throughput measured in millions of pages.

Automating the claims process minimises the time it takes to process a claim and as a result it reduces the administration cost per claim typically by 10-15%. Whichever sector you work in, our claims process automation solutions will give you greater control over the entire claims process.
DCS help companies deal with compliance efficiently and cost-effectively by offering consultancy and software solutions, enabling insurers to meet wide-ranging compliance obligations from those imposed by HMRC and the Data Protection Act to FSA related requirements such as Solvency II, ICOBS or TCF.

With the DCS records management solution, insurance businesses can implement file plans which meet the demands of ISO 15489 and other records management frameworks.

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