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Document Management for the Health Sector

Potential efficiency gains from document management are of increasing interest to UK hospitals and healthcare service providers as operational margins fall and patient registrations rise. Under these conditions, switching to electronic healthcare records can help cut inefficiencies in manually handling paper documents, reduce paper storage costs and improve service delivery. 

DCS records management software  provides solutions solving the problems involved in:

  • patient records management
  • material management and procurement
  • X-ray images
  • insurance details and other business records. 

The Benefits of Electronic Document Management for Compliance


Transform Paper into Electronic Files


Central Digital Storage with Multi-Location Access


Accurate Retrieval


ISO 15489 Compliant

  • Electronic Organisation: Capture patient records and other documents into electronic format, then store centrally and securely in one location
  •  Visibility Enable staff to access records instantly from multiple locations
  • Retrieval and Automation: Prevent misfiling, damaging and loss of records while reducing administrative costs 
  • Compliance: Implement records management frameworks based on the ISO 15489 best practice standard. The solution can be easily adapted to meet the requirements of specific healthcare sector frameworks and the treatment and handling of different types of medical records.

Our Software Solutions for Documents and Medical Records

Capture and index any paper or electronic document for use in automated workflows and easy retrieval from electronic systems. Process all documents on one common platform regardless of whether they arrive by post, fax or email.

Rapidly and accurately scan back files of patient records including items such as X-rays for secure storage and instant retrieval from digital archives.

Centrally store documents and records from all departments and site locations and enable secure access by authorised personnel.

Retrieve patient records instantly, while generating comprehensive audit trails for all documents and records in the system.

Compile medical records, referral documents, test results, scans and X-rays into electronic case files so that your teams can rapidly review the medical history of each patient in your care.

Monitor the progress of any operational or administrative process, set up alerts, check status and instantly assess the effects of changes on processes with easy-to-use yet powerful workflow technology.

With on-screen dashboards, managers gain high process visibility with granular process metrics giving them the ability to monitor performance in real-time, balance team workloads and quickly identify potential bottlenecks.

Systems We Integrate With


Whitepaper on Patient Records Management


Patient Records Management Whitepaper

Patient records are important and need to be maintained in good order often over long periods of time. Records also must be quickly made available so that correct treatment can be provided.
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A digital mailroom is a set of operational services that exploit the latest document capture and IT technologies to meet the operational needs of companies whose business depends on processing paper and electronic information.

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This white paper addresses the principles of today’s document management systems and the current market trends. It also covers the ways in which businesses can actually quantify the return on investment (ROI) of implementing an electronic system or the scanning of their documents onto CDs. Every business is different.

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Like many organisations, you may be looking to digitise and electronically file your documentation and set up a reliable online resource. Here we briefly examine the high-level considerations for a successful scan-to-archive project.

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