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Healthcare Workflow Automation

Managers in healthcare organisations are constantly tasked with delivering greater efficiency and reducing administrative costs.

With so much paper still in circulation in the healthcare environment, there is ample scope to unlock the cost-saving and efficiency-boosting potential of electronic document based workflows.


The Benefits of Workflow Management and Automation


Quicker Workflows


Low-cost Referral Handling


Coordinated SMS and Email Reminders

Our Software Solutions for Documents and Medical Records

Automating Document Driven Workflows in Healthcare 

DCS workflow management solutions eliminate paper at the point of receipt. With little or no need for programming, department managers can map out their processes using Microsoft Visio flow charts and attach rules, tasks and participants.

As process documents such as forms, medical records, complaints or invoices arrive, they are electronically captured, recognised by the software, then routed and tracked through the appropriate workflow with excellent process visibility and granular KPI reporting on document volumes and productivity.

Automated referrals workflow

DCS helped leading healthcare company United Health Group with the streamlining of a referrals workflow. The solution captures referral letters from GP’s which arrive by a number of different routes including email, fax or post.

Technology is used to integrate these channels, enabling processing on a single platform, extraction of patient information and supply for appointment making. The workflow enables faster, lower cost referral handling, while generating an accurate digital archive for future reference.

Use Filestore BPM as part of the DCS end-to-end data capture to automation solution. 

Kofax Kapow is a stand-alone robotic process automation software. Enhance your staff with a "team member" that is there 24/7 and thrives on repetitive tasks.

The value of automated notifications and reminders in healthcare

With many patients now contactable by email or SMS text messaging, DCS can help healthcare service providers integrate the latest event-driven email and SMS services with legacy systems.

As an example, the number and cost of missed appointments can be reduced with automated SMS or email appointment reminders. Reminders are triggered automatically according to pre-defined rules, requesting recipients to confirm, cancel or reschedule.

With the provision that staff use email or SMS messaging devices as part of working procedure, automated reminders can also be used highly effectively in contexts such as time-critical drug administration.

Systems We Integrate With


Whitepaper on Patient Records Management


Patient Records Management Whitepaper

Patient records are important and need to be maintained in good order often over long periods of time. Records also must be quickly made available so that correct treatment can be provided.
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This whitepaper features use cases in some of the ways that RPA software can revolutionise your organisation and ultimately save countless minutes, hours, days, weeks and even years in salaried staff time that would otherwise be wasted on manual processes.

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A digital mailroom is a set of operational services that exploit the latest document capture and IT technologies to meet the operational needs of companies whose business depends on processing paper and electronic information.

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