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Document Management for the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare - Keep your Data as Healthy as Your Patients

With the right system in place, team performance will benefit from faster access to documents and the ability to share documents quickly with remotely based co-workers, consultants or service providers. Organisations will also benefit from better control over health records and data, and more effective compliance management.


Benefits of DCS Information Solutions for the Healthcare Sector


Electronicised Case Files


Faster eDiscovery


Disaster Recovery


Adaptable Taxonomies

Converting paper documents to electronic format allows fast and efficient routing and tracking through processes such as approvals.
Built-in ediscovery features allow staff to rapidly search, tag and export both emails and documents, even if stored in different network locations.
Store documents securely in accordance with disaster recovery plans, while enabling authorised access from any internet-enabled location.
Healthcare organisations can store documents such as health records, contracts, invoices or employee records according to strict taxonomies, allowing document classification to reflect the way your organisation operates.

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Using a centralised digital repository, our workflow solutions enable faster access to patient information by departments regardless of location, and ensure strict adherence to Data Protection guidelines.
Through the capture, archiving and sharing of healthcare information in an electronic format, this information becomes far easier to access and share across the organisation.
DCS's workflow solutions enable faster, lower cost referral handling, while generating an accurate digital archive for future reference.

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