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More than Just Storage and Collaboration

Managing Documents in Finance

Manage invoices, policies, portfolios and other financial documents within Enterprise Class document management software.

Financial document management solutions from DCS facilitate the sharing of accurate information without compromising on security. Our document management solutions transform paper documents into electronic images, making it easy to manage them throughout business processes.


Benefits of  Electronic Financial Document Management


Team Collaboration and Coordinated Processes


Tight User Access Control


Version Control & Information Redaction


On-Premise or Hosted

  • Enable collaboration and process execution between clients, financial institutions and distributed teams through secure online access. Our EDM solution is completely web-based and organises all financial information in a secure database in the background. The system provides a full-text search and interactive portal allowing users to retrieve or exchange information in seconds.

  • Improve compliance and security by implementing tight user access control. The system allows easy implementation of policies for retention, retrieval and destruction of critical information. The lifecycle of records from declaration to destruction can be automated, significantly reducing the cost of administering retention and the risk of non-compliance. 

  • The system also offers features such as redaction to remove sensitive information from a document without the use of markers, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information within documents.

  • Reduce the cost of implementation by choosing a method that suits your business needs best. We can set up hardware and software to process mail items on premises, alternatively you can outsource your mailroom to the experts

Our Document Management Solutions

We have vast experience of providing digital mail room solutions to some of the largest companies in the world such as Paragon, ExxonMobil, Natural England, Bentley Motors and we differentiate ourselves by providing an end-to-end mail management solution including:

  • Opening, sorting of incoming mail 
  • Scanning and capture of high value mail items
  • Data extraction using industry leading Kofax software
  • Ability to process email, attachments and mobile channels for incoming information
  • Process automation for dependent business workflows.

Bundled with Kofax Capture, Kofax KTM helps centralise the capture of information as soon as it arrives in the organisation, irrespective of its source.

Kofax Capture is a print-to-digital data conversion system that works on a variety of formats such as:

  • email attachments
  • incoming post
  • web forms
  • fax or other electronic formats.
 FileStore EDM is powerful document and records management software which enables businesses to centrally manage business information. Information arriving via channels such as email, fax, electronic forms or incoming post can all be classified and stored in a secure digital repository.

Systems We Integrate With


Featured Case Study


Finance Sector Case Study

The client in this case study is one of the. UK's largest independent financial advisory groups, employing around 2800 people in. 40 countries worldwide.
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This white paper addresses the principles of today’s document management systems and the current market trends. It also covers the ways in which businesses can actually quantify the return on investment (ROI) of implementing an electronic system or the scanning of their documents onto CDs. Every business is different.

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A digital mailroom is a set of operational services that exploit the latest document capture and IT technologies to meet the operational needs of companies whose business depends on processing paper and electronic information.

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Being the largest commercial debt management company in the UK, this client receives over 1500 pieces of mail in a day which were sorted, classified, distributed and actioned manually. In an attempt to improve customer service and reduce on-boarding time, they invested in an ECM solution for the mailroom.

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