Document Scanning for Financial Services

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We bring together devices, software and services to provide a complete package for capturing and transforming financial documents into digital information. DCS has helped some of the largest financial organisations in the UK setup capture systems without any huge investments in IT or infrastructure.


Benefits of a DCS Financial Document Scanning Solution


Faster Turnaround Times

  • Automatic sorting and classification.
  • Automated routing of approval workflows.
  • Diagnoses workflow bottlenecks and forecasts alternatives.

Higher Visibility

  • Keep digital portfolios of records with custom classification.
  • Customisable workflow dashboards for managers.
  • Web-based and network accessible for distributed staff.
Easy Software Integration
  • Integration into standard ERPs.
  • Operates under a single controlled IT infrastructure.
  • In-house service options available with minimal IT disruption.

Helping Brokers Scan Loan Applications on-the-go

Brokers and bankers are able to capture and submit documents to support a loan application with speed and ease, without the need to set up a separate scanner and laptop with associated peripherals. With Mobile capture, employees have the ability to speed up customer service and close more deals quickly.


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Learn About our Document Scanning Software for Financial Institutions

Kofax Capture

Kofax Capture enables highly automated processing of documents such as credit card, loan or mortgage applications, etc. Capture documents at their point of entry, extract, and validate information quickly; allowing staff to focus more time on customers.

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Kofax Mobile Capture

Through the use of mobile capture, Kofax Mobile Capture for finance allows financial services companies to process documents directly from a client’s location using mobile phone as a powerful scanner.

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Kofax Transformation

Easily and accurately trace and audit how and when scanned data entered your system, and index that data and your documents according to your governance and compliance requirements.

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Outsource Your Document Scanning

Manually processing high volumes of paper is a costly and inefficient process. Keying in data is the same way. Our outsourced services is fully accredited and trusted by government and Fortune 500s. Focus your resources on peak activity. Outsource to us today!



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