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Workflow Automation for the Banking & Finance Industry

By automating financial processes, users can approve and process incoming requests electronically, giving them better control over information and helping them detect errors or leaks in the process to improve efficiency and save costs. As most financial organisations process millions of documents each year, savings per document processed soon add up.

DCS have helped large financial organisations and financial functions within large corporations automate document-driven financial processes such as:

  • Account opening
  • Fund management
  • Purchase to pay and financials
  • Human Resource Management

Benefits of Using Workflow Automation Software in Banking and Finance


Increase Customer Satisfaction


Speed up your Fund Management


Reduce Per-transaction Processing Costs


Keep HR Transparent with Regulations

  • Accuracy: Improve the accuracy of captured information, as there is no need for manual data entry, and account opening is quicker, resulting in more satisfied customers. 
  • Timeliness: Processing time is critical for fund management, and DCS automation solutions eliminate delays by capturing electronic or fax transactions at the point of arrival. DCS solutions  speed up fund management processes in a highly secure and compliant way.
  • Cost-reduction: With DCS purchase-to-pay automation solutions, our clients have reduced “per-transaction” processing costs by up to 50% within a few weeks of implementation. Automating purchase-to-pay processes promotes straight-through processing and reduces exceptions, which can contribute to about 70% of total payment processing costs.
  • HR Compliance: Financial institutions have been under increasing pressure to improve the transparency of their HR records, especially performance and bonus details. DCS have helped one of the UK’s largest financial advisory groups streamline internal HR processes and reduce the risks of non-compliance.

Our Workflow Automation Solutions

A large amount of time can be saved by providing front-end staff with accurate and up-to-date customer records. Applications, forms, photographs, proof of identity and other documents can be scanned and automatically sorted, classified and stored as electronic customer records.

Customer records are directly updated across back-end systems for immediate access and availability to distributed teams.

Filestore BPM Automates the purchase-to-pay cycle of raising requisitions, receiving invoices, matching against purchase orders or goods received notes, entering data into ERP/accounting systems, routing to approvers and settling payments. 

Information and documentation for high net worth customers are automatically classified and routed to respective account managers, who can then confirm the trade. 

Systems We Integrate With


Digital Mailroom - Finance Case Study


Paragon Digital Mailroom Case Study

Established in 1985, Paragon is a leading specialist lender of buy-to-let mortgages to landlords and residential property investors in the UK, a loan servicing provider for third party clients and an active acquirer of loan assets and portfolios and has most recently established a banking subsidiary, Paragon Bank.
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A digital mailroom is a set of operational services that exploit the latest document capture and IT technologies to meet the operational needs of companies whose business depends on processing paper and electronic information.

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This whitepaper features use cases in some of the ways that RPA software can revolutionise your organisation and ultimately save countless minutes, hours, days, weeks and even years in salaried staff time that would otherwise be wasted on manual processes.

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Data Capture Solutions Financial Services Brochure

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