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Credit Control

Whether you are a company with in-house credit control, an outsourced credit control service or debt management agency, your aim is to recover debt with the minimum delay using minimum resources. With the credit control document management and workflow solutions from UK based DCS Ltd you can bring greater efficiency to credit control operations and automate many routine debt recovery processes. This allows you to reduce debtor days and boost cash flow while reducing manual intervention and eliminating inefficient paper based procedures.

The credit control document management solutions supplied by DCS is also designed to help you meet mandatory compliance obligations, as well as compliance required to satisfy financial, professional or organisation-wide standards and recommended practices.


Benefits of Using Credit Control Automation


Easy Integration


High Case Visibility


Workflow Monitoring


Assured Data Compliance

  • Centralised information: DCS credit control solutions centralise all information coming into the organisation and already existing in your ERP systems. Automatic implementation of various debt recovery workflows based on credit limit, debt age or other customer-specific criteria.  
  • Case escalation: With the DCS credit control solution you can automate some or all stages of the escalation process and modulate the process on a per customer basis. This allows you to factor in different customer payment terms and modify payment arrangements in relation to capacity to pay.
  • Process Monitoring: Automated credit control workflows contain sophisticated tools to allow you to monitor different aspects of your debt recovery processes. By way of example, you can generate management data on all cases under review, total case values or early flagging of potential debtors.
  • Reporting: Management reporting aspects of credit control workflows also include dashboard and flow chart tools for keeping track of work in progress, controller productivity, work scheduling per controller or early identification of bottlenecks.
  • Compliance: All captured documents are automatically securely stored with access controlled by credit control managers. Further record retention criteria can also be automatically applied including automated reminders to destroy certain documents after a specified period.

Credit Control Solutions

Firstly, case management solutions help your credit control teams to rapidly access all case related documents using FileStore EDM – awarding winning document management solution from DCS. It allows secure and shared access functionality which can be leveraged to make documents available online.

Reminder document templates can be established which contain standard content and fields for information such as customer contact name, company address, reference numbers and overdue account details which can be sourced from your databases.

Filestore BPM allows you to set up rule-based debt recovery workflows and apply them on an individual customer basis.

  • By linking to your ERP or sales ledger, workflow rules can be set up to monitor payment due dates and customer credit limits and trigger automated payment reminders.
  • Rules can also factor in account value, allowing you to instigate automated “low value-high volume” debt recovery processes 
  • Date driven payment reminders can be automatically triggered followed by various tailored escalation stages.
  • Delivers granular reporting on credit control KPIs, potential workload bottlenecks and other process metrics via dashboards and Visio flow diagrams.

A stand-alone robotic process automaton product. Credit controllers can eliminate the need to re-type standard correspondence using automated document production workflows.

  • By linking in to your ERP system, automated alerts can be triggered to allow timely intervention whenever a customer order breaches credit limit or overdue payment criteria.
  • When credit control operations adopt special debt re-scheduling procedures with agreed “promise to pay” periods, billing performance can be tracked against re-scheduled criteria.
  • Debt recovery workflows can be configured to automatically schedule customer calls for each controller. 


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