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Data Capture for Financial Services

Financial Services - Automation and EDM for a Growing Sector

The confidentiality and security of documents are critical for all financial operations whether its account opening, loan application management, purchase to pay processes or managing credit card applications.

A financial firm using a structured electronic document management system is more profitable than one still relying on paper filing and folders as EDM systems help reduce the overheads of document storage and information sharing.

In addition, managing digital documents in a secure central repository improves efficiency and reduces operational costs


Benefits for Financial Services

Boost Productivity

Our document management systems help remove any road blocks in information accessibility, allow authorised users to access required documents easily and turn around dependent tasks quickly.

Improve Customer Service

Customer communications are addressed faster, as they are captured as soon as they enter the organisation and converted into actionable information accessible to all customer-facing and back-end staff.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Our solutions allow organisations to trace and audit the capture of data from the point of entry and across each touch point in various business processes, making it easier to comply with strict Data Protection policies and other FSA regulations.

Enhance Visibility

Improve the visibility of data in financial processes by integrating document management with other enterprise applications such as portfolio management and CRM systems or accounting applications.

See Our Solutions for the Finance Sector

Financial document management solutions from DCS facilitate the sharing of accurate information without compromising on security. Our document management solutions transform paper documents into electronic images, making it easy to manage them throughout business processes.
Information enters the organisation from multiple sources – email, fax, post or other electronic formats and capturing information from all sources without compromising on security can be a challenge. DCS brings together devices, software and services to provide a complete package for capturing and transforming financial documents into digital information.
DCS automated credit control provides managers and credit control teams with a range of powerful alerting, event triggering, progress tracking, performance monitoring and process automation tools to reduce costs, streamline debt recovery processes and reduce debtor days.
By automating financial processes, users can approve and process incoming requests electronically, giving them better control over information and helping them detect errors or leaks in the process to improve efficiency and save costs.
DCS provides a straight-through, touch-less process for streamlining the management of documents in the debt collection cycle. Our solutions are used by many companies registered with CSA and they have seen the benefits within 6 months of implementation.

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