Web-Based Document Management for the Education Sector

The need to spend budgets wisely in educational institutions has never been more acute. To enable institutions to access the full benefits of document management systems within budgetary constraints, Data Capture Solutions (DCS) offer a range of flexible implementation options.

Web-based document management

The web-based document management option from DCS gives universities, colleges and schools access to the full benefits of our award-winning FileStore EDM software on a hosted, SaaS basis. This pay-as-you-go option is also easier on cash flow, as there is no requirement for major upfront capital outlay. Instead, charging is based on a simple and flexible usage basis, which institutions can scale up or down in line with their needs. Web-based document management is quick to deploy and requires no local installation.

Benefits of FileStore document management for educational institutions include secure document and record storage and easy authorised retrieval from any web-enabled terminal equipped with standard browser software. Storing documents in the cloud helps protect thousands of unique records against loss, reduces the need for filing cabinet storage and enables sharing with regulatory bodies, reviewers, research partners and other external parties. 

Outsourced mailroom and scanning services

With our outsourced scanning services, educational institutions gain low-cost access to the latest document scanning equipment and post-scan processing technology with rapid, high-quality throughput. DCS can help digitise entire paper archives of student and HR records, dramatically improving document retrieval and enabling departments to recoup valuable office space.

We can also assist with the digitising of large quantities of facilities plans, equipment warranties, maintenance contracts and other documents to facilitate retrieval, sharing or review.

DCS can provide outsourced mailroom services to educational establishments, enabling them to reduce fixed overheads. We have the facilities to receive and digitise student applications, business correspondence, invoices and other documents in an automated process which sorts, classifies and routes items quickly and accurately according to pre-defined rules.

Installing document management systems within educational establishments

In addition to web-based document management and outsourced services, DCS can provide comprehensive assistance to schools, colleges and universities with on-site installed document management systems. Systems can be scaled easily from single department to institution-wide usage, and installation follows the traditional capex model. Our consultants will work closely with you to ensure solutions are tailored to your requirements and give you maximum long-term value.

Summary of charging options available for document management software

  • Per document
  • Per transaction
  • Per user
  • Traditional capital purchase
  • Lease agreement

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