Compliance Software and Records Management for the UK Education Sector

Universities, schools and colleges in the UK are subject to regulation in all areas of their activity. Failure to meet regulatory standards can have a significant effect on reputation, while managing compliance effectively can involve high costs and place high demands on resources.

Compliance and records management solutions from DCS are designed to reduce the administrative and cost burden on establishments by delivering excellent records traceability and automating the monitoring and management of records. Our solutions enable easier compliance with Health and Safety regulations, Data Protection, Freedom of Information requests and Ofsted inspections, wherever records need to be maintained, monitored and easily accessible.

Data Protection compliance

With FileStore EDM, education establishments can store thousands of student and employee records with high levels of auditable user access control. Automated records retention monitoring helps departments ensure records are held no longer than prescribed time frames. Efficient document storage in FileStore means departments can respond to subject access requests quickly and with minimal effort, while automated tracking of requests is supported by reminder and escalation rules to help ensure response deadlines are maintained.

Freedom of Information compliance

Education establishments can minimise the effort required to comply with “Right to Know” requests under the Freedom of Information Act. Storing documents electronically in FileStore EDM allows rapid retrieval and compiling. The technology can also be used to electronically tag information which can be exempted from disclosure and makes it significantly easier to compile and manage information included in publication schemes.

Higher Education Act compliance

In accordance with the UK Higher Education Act, higher education establishments are obliged to manage and submit to the Office of Fair Access (OFFA) a range of documents relating to bursaries and tuition fees. With FileStore EDM, establishments can streamline the administrative effort required to store, retrieve, collate and manage high volumes of these documents and submit them either on paper or electronically. With excellent records management capabilities, FileStore provides establishments with an effective tool to meet the provisions of the Higher Education Act wherever retention and submission of records is required. 

Tier 4 border legislation

FileStore can help higher education establishments manage the paperwork surrounding foreign student intake by combining all related documents in electronic case files. Electronic copies of applications, correspondence, Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies documents, proof of funds, passports, ID cards, tier 4 visas and other documents can be securely stored in FileStore. With FileStore, sponsors can build automated tracking and monitoring workflows around documents and processes to manage approvals more 

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