Document Management for the Education Sector

Streamline paper-driven processes with an education document management system

In a climate of cut-backs, the education sector is under increasing pressure to look at better ways of managing operations and reducing costs. Electronic document management systems can reduce many time, cost and storage overheads in educational paper-based processes. Solutions can bring benefits across the entire educational operation including areas such as student and staff administration, facilities and equipment management, record keeping, health and safety, Tier 4, Ofsted and data protection compliance.

A document management system automatically captures and indexes information from documents and this information can then be made available to different people or systems in different departments to improve efficiency and cut overheads. With a web-based document management system from Data Capture Solutions (DCS), off-campus users and remote research partners can readily access documents over the internet.

How it works

DCS provide electronic document management and workflow automation solutions. Our solutions comprise consultancy and advice, a range of outsourced document processing services and a robust document management technology platform. We base our technology solutions on the following products:

Kofax Capture – Best-in-class document imaging and capture technology allows institutions to convert paper documents and forms to a versatile digital format. Institutions can then replace paper with electronic storage, manage documents electronically and capture information automatically from forms and even handwritten documents. The same platform can be used to capture fax and email content enabling more unified information processing and control.

FileStore EDM – Electronic document storage and management software allowing universities, colleges and schools to dramatically improve control of document-based information. FileStore enables establishments to store documents in a highly classified system, retrieve them instantly and make them accessible from different office locations and systems. FileStore EDM integrates seamlessly with widely used content management systems, existing intranet portals, Microsoft SharePoint and a wide range of other applications. 
FileStore BPM – Our workflow management software allows institutions to automate the processing of high document volumes in support functions such as HR and accounts, reducing manual effort and human error. Our software allows you to route and track documents efficiently through the various stages of application, enrolment or invoice approval processes, and automate the monitoring of high volumes of records in terms of their expiry or disposition requirements. 

Microsoft SharePoint – Collaboration and publishing software enabling institutions to work from and manage a structured library of documents. Offices and departments can scan documents directly into SharePoint using everyday photocopying and desktop scanning equipment.

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