Workflow Management Software for the UK Education Sector

Processing high volumes of application forms and other documents in education establishments involves time-consuming, manual processes with inherent delays and a certain level of human error. In an increasingly competitive education environment, this is an undesirable cost burden and can also result in missed opportunities to generate revenue.

Introducing easy workflow automation

Data Capture Solutions (DCS) offer establishments in the education sector the ability to convert paper forms and documents to electronic format for faster, more efficient processing. Electronic document workflows also have an excellent level of auditability and allow easy monitoring of progress and productivity.

Automated approvals workflows

With paper-based admissions or invoice approval processes, staff in different departments have to manually sort, manage and direct high volumes of documents. The progress of each document can be difficult to trace and there can be little in the way of overall process visibility.

The DCS workflow management solution enables the triggering of automated approvals workflows from receipt of documents such as application forms or invoices. The process eliminates the need for manual sorting or delivery decisions, as documents are digitised then automatically classified and routed according to pre-defined criteria. This enables accurate and rapid delivery direct to all parties involved in approvals, resulting in faster decisions and an improved response with less administrative effort.

Benefits of process monitoring and escalation rules

With our FileStore BPM workflow management software, managers are able to track the progress of documents through these processes and monitor workloads and document volumes in real-time. Managers gain an accurate global overview of processes and are able to allocate resources effectively and avoid potential bottlenecks at early stages.

DCS workflow management software monitoring capabilities improve the efficiency of processes far beyond what is possible when working with paper. Managers can take advantage of automated event-driven email and SMS notifications, allowing staff, applicants or suppliers to be informed automatically of receipt or missing items. Reminder and escalation facilities provide an effective and automated means to address outstanding cases and help meet response targets.

Change control workflows

Departments involved in the generation of contract or procedural documents can improve collaboration and accelerate progress by combining the above workflow management software functionality with document version control. The solution monitors changes to live documents which are automatically notified to all parties while previous versions are maintained in version histories.

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