Document Management Software for the UK Education Sector

Improve the efficiency and productivity of internal processes

Universities, schools and colleges in the UK can save time and money in their daily operations by moving from paper-based to electronic document work practices.

With award-winning FileStore EDM document management software from DCS, establishments in the UK education sector gain access to an easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy system requiring little or no IT support. FileStore EDM works with most existing hardware and software system combinations and can be scaled easily and flexibly from departmental to organisation-wide deployment.

Boosting productivity and efficiency

Wherever educational establishments receive and use paper documents in their processes, converting them to electronic format delivers several key benefits.

Filing and retrieval times can be dramatically shortened, as FileStore enables highly classified document storage combined with a range of powerful search tools. Establishments can organise documents according to strict taxonomic rules which map the way they operate. Documents can be organised by faculty, student year group, business function, document type or any other meaningful criteria which allow users to retrieve information quickly and consistently.

With FileStore EDM document management software, users can quickly search through thousands of documents using powerful keyword and index-field searches. FileStore also enables federated searching, allowing users to conduct searches across several different networked repositories.

Benefits of electronic student case files

Having related information all in one place is another key means of boosting efficiency. FileStore EDM enables establishments in the education sector to manage certain types of information more effectively in case file format. For example, electronic case files can be created for each student containing items such as:

  • Application and enrolment documents
  • Tier 4 documentation
  • Attendance records and timetables
  • Progress reports and results
  • Copies of certificates
  • Correspondence and email communications

This information can also be compartmentalised so that departments such as accommodation or welfare only have access to certain types of information.

Establishments can use a similar strategy to improve productivity and efficiency in managing other areas of activity such as research projects, equipment or facilities maintenance, or contract management.

Improving collaboration on and off-campus

FileStore EDM is web-based document management software, enabling secure and audited access to documents whether on or off campus. This allows easier document sharing with external parties for quicker decision-making, and facilitates more productive research collaboration with external partners.

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