Document Scanning and Capture for the Education Sector

Reducing paper storage costs. Improving information access.

Educational establishments generate and receive high volumes of paper documents relating to student and staff administration, teaching and examination and the daily operation and maintenance of sites, campuses and infrastructure. With increasing pressure to improve efficiency, establishments can use document scanning and capture technology to manage document-based information more effectively, reduce filing and retrieval time and reduce paper storage costs.

With Kofax document scanning and capture solutions supplied by DCS, departments in educational establishments can improve the speed of retrieval and traceability of a wide range of documents, including:

  • Application, admissions and enrolment forms
  • Student and employee records
  • Health and safety documentation
  • Insurance policies
  • Equipment warranties, vehicle documents
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Facilities plans
  • Invoices, including the option of automated data extraction

Following document scanning and capture, teams can view these items instantly on-screen from any web-enabled location and from within existing business applications.

Benefits of fax and email capture

As communications infrastructures evolve, educational establishments face the challenge of managing a more diversified information flow. With Kofax document scanning and capture solutions, departments can capture documents and data from:

Post (paper)

Fax, including options for least cost routing and FoIP delivery to email inboxes

Email, including email body content and document attachments

MFD scanned documents and faxes

Key benefits of document scanning and capture technology are the processing of information from different channels on a single platform investment and the ability to reduce overheads with the triggering of automated routing and tracking processes on receipt of items such as application forms or invoices.

Benefits of document scanning in the mailroom

DCS can help educational establishments deploy Kofax document scanning and capture solutions to reduce mailroom overheads and achieve faster mail delivery.

  • Centralising mail receipt achieves economies of scale and allows rapid automated throughput
  • The solution eliminates time-consuming and error prone manual sorting
  • Kofax KTM document classification technology sorts and classifies captured documents by type enabling automated routing and delivery according to your business rules.
  • Kofax KTM data extraction and validation eliminates manual data entry and enables delivery of data direct to back office systems.

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