What are the Benefits of Document Management Software for Educational Establishments?

Improve service to students

Educational establishments can leverage document management software to improve the efficiency of application processing, enrolment and administration of all aspects of student life, as well as protection of personal data. Students will also appreciate technological efficiencies such as online access to a range of document-based information (timetables, course notes, support materials) or automated SMS and email notifications as part of general service delivery.

Reduce document storage space

With a requirement to retain high volumes of paper documents and records for long periods, storage space in educational establishments can be an acute and costly problem. FileStore EDM document management software solves this problem by enabling secure electronic storage of documents which have full legal validity as records. With back-file scanning, one educational establishment converted filing cabinet storage space into a computer lab. What could you do with the extra space? 

Make documents quickly accessible

One of the key benefits of document management software for educational establishments is the instant retrieval of documents and document-based information. Systems from Data Capture Solutions (DCS) enable rapid digitising and indexing of high volumes of paper documents and provide highly classified storage. Digitised documents are text and index-field searchable, meaning teaching and administrative staff can dramatically reduce time spent filing and retrieving documents. 

Improve compliance

FileStore EDM document management software from DCS provides educational establishments with a range of means to meet compliance obligations more effectively and with reduced manual effort. Our solutions generate securely stored, traceable electronic records and our audit trail logging software helps ensure the legal admissibility of all records to the BS BIP 0008 standard. Auditable, rule-based workflows allow establishments to enforce best practice procedures and enable tracking and monitoring of documents against a range of compliance criteria in areas such as Tier 4, OFFA, Data Protection, Ofsted or HSE.

Improve records security

Keeping documents secure is a constant challenge for all educational establishments, who preside over the details of thousands of students and staff, as well as large amounts of confidential research and financial material. With FileStore EDM, establishments gain a highly secure environment in which to store documents without compromising ease-of-access. FileStore provides auditable access to documents with high levels of user access control and the ability to compartmentalise information, so that users only have access to the documents they specifically need.

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