Gift Aid Processing Solutions and Services

The Gift of Efficiency

Consolidation of gift aid forms arriving through post, email and web forms and categorisation into donation types still remains a challenge. If you chose to file your claims through your database you will need a gift aid software that consolidates all the forms in your database and allows you to transfer details to the HMRC system.


Benefits of a DCS Gift Aid Management Solution


Reduce and Redistribute Costs

  • Automated form-field checks.
  • Automatic database transfers to HMRC.
  • Savings transferred to more fundraising support.

Consolidate and Transfer Gift Aid Forms

  • Manages organisational documents.
  • Completeness and validity checks.
  • One central software to track gift aid forms as they arrive.

HMRC compliance

  • Claim back-taxes within 25 days.
  • Find and present a single certificate with ease.
  • Scanning software to automatically collect relevant information.

How We Handle Compliance

First, we record a confirmation that you have advised the donor to pay at least as much tax as they have mentioned in their form or send a cancellation. Then we automatically send and record a confirmation letter in response to a gift aid form received.

Any cancellations of gift aid declarations can be automatically recorded against a donor in the donor database.


The Variety of Information We Capture


Whether paper, web, or electronic, our automation solutions can handle the following throughout your processes. Our solution can be adapted to other forms, as well as Gift Aid.

  • gift aid declarations
  • donation forms
  • cheques
  • web form on your website
  • cash donations.

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Learn About our Software for Gift Aid Processing

Kofax Capture with Kofax Transformation

Kofax Capture scans and records all form declarations in our gift aid software as electronic copies, irrespective of how they are received. Kofax Transformation features a prompt for missing data and donor database look up for missing information such as post code.

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Filestore EDM

Filestore EDM stores electronic copies of forms your the gift aid management software. These forms can then be categorised into donation types. Includes Kofax Transformation-style prompts for missing data and includes a full audit trail module.

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Filestore BPM

Our workflow management software, Filestore BPM, makes it easier to balance workloads for large amounts of gift aid or any form processing. It can send tasks to relevant users from software rules using an easy drag-and-drop user interface. Filestore BPM is configured to meet HMRC guidelines.

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Outsource Your Document Processing

Manually processing high volumes of paper is a costly and inefficient process. Keying in data is the same way. Our outsourced services is fully accredited and trusted by government and Fortune 500s. Focus your resources on peak activity. Outsource to us today!



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