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Gift Aid Reclaims Made Easier and Faster

Gift Aid Processing

Consolidation of gift aid forms arriving through post, email and web forms and categorisation into donation types still remains a challenge. If you chose to file your claims through your database you will need  a gift aid software that consolidates all the forms in your database and allows you to transfer details to the HMRC system. 

Capture and consolidate Gift Aid forms in one central gift aid software, irrespective of how they arrive. 


The Benefits of a DCS Gift Aid Solution


Reduce and Redistribute Administration Costs


Consolidate and Transfer Gift Aid Forms


Automatically Check Form Details


Ensure HMRC Compliance

  • Reduce administration costs and redirect saved funds to support services or fundraising efforts.  
  • Consolidate all gift-aid forms no matter how they reach your organisation. If using a database, the software can transfer details for you to the HMRC.
  • Ability to check if all form fields are filled in so that you can make your gift aid claims valid.
  • Claim back taxes within 25 days, no questions asked due to our software's strict adherence to HMRC compliance

Software for Gift Aid Processing

Gift Aid Certificates are worth nearly a billion a year to charities in the UK and DCS can help you claim back your due of refunds from HMRC quickly.  Our software ensure you have all the documents required to make a valid claim and are able to locate individual claims in minutes and present them to HMRC, if requested. 

With payment information available in digital format you can get cleared funds in your account quickly. 

Kofax Capture scans and records all form declartaions in our gift aid software as electronic copies, irrespective of how they are received, mediums such as:

  • gift aid declarations
  • donation forms
  • cheques
  • web form on your website
  • or cash donations. 

Kofax KTM features a prompt for missing data and donor database look up for missing information such as post code.  It ensures all donor declaration forms are complete to file a valid claim.

Electronic copies of forms are also stored in the gift aid management software.  These forms can then be categorised into donation types.

Filestore EDM manages organisational documents with the following features:

  • Prompt for missing data in forms
  • Database look up for missing information such as post code.  
  • Ensures all donor declaration forms are complete to file a valid claim. 
  • A full audit trail is inherent to the software.

You can present any single certificate in case of an HMRC audit! 

Adhering to mandatory HMRC guidlines, Filestore BPM can

  • Record a confirmation that you have advised the donor to pay at least as much tax as they have mentioned in their form or send a cancellation.
  • Automatically send and record a confirmation letter in response to a gift aid form received.
  • Any cancellations of gift aid declarations can be automatically recorded against a donor in the donor database.

Systems We Integrate With

Integration - Sharepoint
Integration - Salesforce

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