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Scanning for a Better Future

Document Management for Charities and Membership Bodies

By automating scanning and capture of campaign response forms, goneaway’s, invoices or remittance advice slips, you can cut the costs of additional staff required to manually scan and key in data into back-end systems. 


The Benefits of Document Scanning and Electronic Document Management


Less Storage, More Resources


Control your Information


Protect Supporter Data

  • Operational Costs: You can totally eliminate the cost of physical storage by maintaining electronic copies of documents at a fraction of the cost. Lesser cost of operations allows you to direct more of your funds into services. 
  • Information Control: Prevent misfiling, damaging and loss of records with audit modules. Know at all times where your forms are and who has accessed them.
  • Data Protection: Every charity holds sensitive information about its supporters and  employees (including volunteers). It's easier, cost-effective and more secure to hold digital data than physical files. Digital files have an additional benefit of easy accessibility in case of any subject access requests. 

Our Software Solutions for Managing Documents in Charities

Kofax Capture takes care of the automating scanning and capture of important documents such as:

  • campaign response forms
  • goneaway’s
  • invoices
  • remittance advice slips

The information captured from the documents is automatically updated in the donor database against a unique donor record with Kofax KTM. 

For example, kofax ktm can automatically update your accounting system with:

  • account number
  • sort code
  • donation amount
  • and donation details captured from a donation cheque 

or it can notify an appointed person in accounts to bank the cheque. 

Filestore EDMS can route information the person responsible for taking any subsequent action. 

Once the data capture is complete it is exported to your database making it instantly available in-house or remotely via a secure login. Any associated images will have credit card numbers blocked out for total PCI compliance. 

A full audit trail is inherent to the software. 

Systems We Integrate With

Integration - Sharepoint
Integration - Salesforce

Featured Case Study


Charity Sector Case Study

This client specialises in providing care, welfare and advice to older people and their families in the UK. It also combats social isolation by visits and telephone contact as well as campaigning alongside other organisations for changes needed to benefit older people in society.
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