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Charities and Membership Bodies

Solutions for Charities and Membership Organisations

Many charities struggle to manage paperwork associated with fundraising campaigns, donations and Gift Aid reclaims.

Historically, charities outsourced campaign management to control costs. Data Capture Solutions has helped many charities such as Independent Age, Macmillan Cancer Support and The National Trust to restrain costs while processing large volume of documents in-house.


Benefits of using a DCS Solution


Quickly Convert Donation Forms to Usable Funds


Increase Funding with Gift Aid Reclamation


Reduce your Operational Costs


Improve Supporter Service

Automate data extraction and processing of cheque’s, donation forms, gift aid declarations and web forms.
DCS Gift Aid software solution has features like prompt for missing data and donor database look up for missing information such as post code.
DCS provides charities with solutions that help them operate at low internal costs by eliminating the manual effort wasted in processing of large volumes of paperwork.
DCS helps you improve supporter service by scanning letters or complaints as soon you receive them.

See Our Solutions for Charities and Membership Bodies

By scanning and capturing details from cheques, direct debit and donation forms, you can process incoming payments faster! 
With automatic validation of documents our clients have been further able to reduce administration costs and redirect saved funds to support services or fundraising efforts. 
DCS centralises scanning and capture of all incoming supporter correspondence, irrespective how it arrives - email, letters or web forms and tags them according to their importance. 

The DCS Brochure for Charities


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