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Saving labour, Saving People

Charities usually outsource campaign management to control costs. Many struggle to manage paperwork in fundraising campaigns, donations and Gift Aid reclaims. We make the process easier and faster to take you to Bank-and-Thank.

We have helped many charities such as Independent Age, Macmillan Cancer Support and The National Trust to restrain costs while processing large volumes of documents.


Benefits of a DCS Solution for Charities

Quickly Convert Donations to Usable Funds
  • Solutions automatically capture handwritten and printed forms, classifies data, and automates letters.
  • Incoming cheques processed and banked within 1 working day.
  • Additional improved donor service with automated notification letters.
Faster Reclamations
  • Catches form-filling errors early so they can be rectified.
  • Software solutions configured for HMRC compliance.
  • Automated workflows bring complicated form exceptions to managers quickly.
Reduced Operational Costs
  • Automated data capturing from forms.
  • Risk of lost forms or misread data is eliminated with machine accuracy.
  • Organisational letters automatically sorted.

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This charity had 125,000 documents digitised in 7 days!

DCS backscanned their documents and transformed them into structured electronic information. A bespoke solution, data became transferrable to the organisation's own back-end HR and case management apps.

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Manually processing high volumes of paper is a costly and inefficient process. Keying in data is the same way. Our outsourced services is fully accredited and trusted by government and Fortune 500s. Focus your resources on peak activity. Outsource to us today!



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