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The UK's leading organisations Trust DCS

DCS has enabled Cafcass to create an agile virtual workforce with RPA (robotic process automation) to capture and extract structured document data, enabling the completion of back-office tasks more efficiently and improving productivity.

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Webinar: Digitising HR Records - The First Step Towards Intelligent Automation

Aug 13, 2019, 12:07 PM

We have all witnessed the evolution of HR, moving from the department that manages personnel, training and payroll, to becoming a “business partner” that supports organisational transformation.

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with business process automation experts Data Capture Solutions (DCS), looks at what it takes to transform HR from a technological standpoint and how to implement change at scale.

Editor Rob Moss is joined by human resource managers, Lucy Mackcracken and Ellie Huddleston from West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) and Nick Scarff, managing director at DCS to discuss the move to digitise HR records and processes as part of their path to intelligent automation.

In this webinar, Lucy and Ellie will discuss the importance of keeping a human-centric approach as well as optimising the organisation’s HR Services. Register now to find out:

  • How the right technology can help create an e-HR organisation focused on interconnecting people across multiple sites, adapting to changing needs;
  • How aligning needs to organisational goals can enable HR to facilitate an implementation strategy that works for everyone;
  • About the emerging technologies helping organisations manage their workforce, hire new employees, comply with regulations and handle HR data;
  • The secret of a successful transformation project;
  • Whether outsourcing is an option –  how to cope with the backlog of paperwork.
Title : Webinar: Digitising HR Records - The First Step Towards Intelligent Automation
Heading : Watch Digitising HR Records - The First Step Towards Intelligent Automation
Summary : Personnel Today and DCS Webinar looks at what it takes to transform HR from a technological standpoint.
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Date : Aug 7, 2019, 14:00 PM
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  • HR Records
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